Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Miami Heat are NBA Champions

Miami beat the Dallas Mavericks to win the NBA Championship


endora60 said...

Makes me sick to think that lump has a Championship again. I'm fed up with how "humble" his sidekick is. Who cares how long those vets have waited for their Rings--as though that means they somehow deserve them as their due?

Forget it. This all sickens me. Nice picture of the stupid clown fans of theirs, though.

redwingsnut93 said...

I expected so much more out of you Sportz---LOL

Nice picture though and CONGRATS to the Heat.

Nick "ESPN Nut"

sportzassassin said...

Yeah....three things on that one, Nut.

1-I do have this whole write up saved on the computer...but I decided not to put it on the blog because...

2-I was tired last night.  The reason I was tired was because I hurt my back recently, and the medication I am on causes me to be really drowzy.  My job requires a lot of physical work, so I have to take more of my medicine just to keep going [unlike many folks, I keep working when my back acts up].  Also, it causes me to be a bit I cannot think as straight as I like.  And when I proofread what I had been writing...I didn't like it as it was written.  And, again, I was too tired to figure it out.  

3-So, I thought....I HAVE to put something about the Heat title on there.  And, remember, I am a Laker needless to say, Shaq winning a title wasn't very well received in my home.  So the little "the Heat won the championship" take was for all my Laker fans out there who feel a little dejected about hearing Shaq mumble about how great Wade is.  And it worked.  My Laker buddies like seeing someone who isn't kissing Wade's butt or waxing poetic about it all.  Just a simple, like, press release.

Hopefully, tonight....I'll get the rest up here

Thank for reading the blog

monponsett said...

I just had my neck fixed. I have the OC.