Sunday, June 11, 2006

Congrats To Hopkins!!!

                Bernard Hopkins, left, dominated Antonio Tarver, who was a 3-1 favorite.

Maybe this is my week.  At least against this certain guy.

A buddy of mine told me that Tarver would kill Hopkins [and he's pretty heavily into boxing] so I squashed my feelings that Hopkins would win this fight.  I did eventually tell him that....and I wrote so in this blog....that I felt Hopkins would go all out since this will most likely be his swan song.  I also have a Mavs-Heat argument going on with him as well [I got Dallas].

I think Hopkins has had, obviously, a great career and while it's nice to see him ride off into the sunset with this victory, I'd be lying if I said that I hope he retires.  Hopkins is one of those fighters who I truly respected and was willing to listen to.  Most fighters are either ignorant or political [meaning they don't say anything] when listening to their interviews.  Sure, Hopkins shouts the same bravado nonsense that the others do.....but he also has a good larger feel for what is going on around the sport.  It isn't just "I am great and he sucks".  He knows why....and will share that thought.

So, congrats to Bernard for the dominating win.....and here's to a happy retirement.  Hopefully you stay around the sport to keep bringing us your insights and great stories. 

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ktmdog said...

I think at this point that Hopkins has to be considered for a spot on the top 10 boxers of all time. To fight at his level at 41 is simply amazing.