Saturday, June 10, 2006

Just Some Thoughts About This Weekend


I have a full weekend off with no events scheduled [well, aside from seeing the new movie "Cars" with my wife and the boy].  So I am really looking forward to it!  So, in case I don't get to the ol' keyboard and computer before Sunday night [and we know that will probably not happen], here are just some takes before I hit the road.

TARVER V HOPKINS:  I think Tarver is gonna win.  He's more experienced in this weight class, he's in his prime, and he's the better puncher right now.  But, I wouldn't be surprised in the slightest if Hopkins pulls this off.  This will most likely be his final fight and he may just lay everything on the line.  Or maybe not.  Of late, he's tended to not bring his A-game when he's unsure if he can win.  Tarver wins in the 10th round.

COTTO V MALIGNAGGI:  This will be THE fight of the night.  Paulie "The Magic Man" Malignaggi steps up in class to face undefeated WBO junior welterweight champion, Miguel Cotto....but I think he will win.  I love Cotto, but I think Malignaggi will find a way to survive the early rounds and be more dominant in the later rounds.  Malignaggi in a decision.

BELMONT STAKES:  I am going with Bluegrass Cat.  Why?  Well, I drew him in a Kentucky Derby pool and he didn't disappoint [well, he didn't win....but he still didn't disappoint me].  So, go B-G-C!!!  If he don't win...I'll go with Steppenwolfer.  That's who my wife picked.

NBA FINALS....GAME 2:  Miami's got a lot of work to do....mainly getting something from their bench, holding down Jason Terry, keeping Dirk in check, hitting free throws, remembering what Shaq looks like, trying to score in the 4th quarter, etc, etc.  I think Dallas gets this game...just because they would love to go up 2-0 before hitting South Florida for three games.  I think Dirk gets around 25 pts, 14 boards and they get that two game lead.

STANLEY CUP FINALS....GAME 3:   Edmonton will be rocking!  But can the team stay out of a 3-0 hole?  The Canes have outscored the Oilers 10-1 over the last 1 1/2 games....and are looking really dominant.  I think Edmonton gets this game....but Carolina grabs Game 4.

COLLEGE WORLD SERIES:  Wow.  Clemson got a walk off Grand Slam to beat....Oral Roberts!?!?  Yep...and it is something like this that vaults a really good team into a champion.  I think they get past their Super Regional series with ORU.  I also think North Carolina will finish off Alabama.  GO HEELS!

POCONO 500:  I'll pick....uh....Elliot Sadler. 

WORLD CUP:  Let's see.  The USA doesn't play until Monday, so I guess I'll start caring then.

FRENCH OPEN WOMEN:  Oh, I'm picking Justine Henin-Hardenne.

FRENCH OPEN MEN:  Rafael Nadal....the dude with 59 straight wins on clay....faces Roger Federer [the guy who's gunning for his 4th straight Grand Slam title] for the French Open title.  Wow.  I'm going with Nadal.  He is 5-1 lifetime against Federer, he has that streak, and Federer was lucky just to get to this point. 


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lrpatton said...

Look for a major output by Shaq tonight.  The Mavs need this game tonight!