Wednesday, June 7, 2006

The Grimsley Truth About Baseball

     Jason Grimsley

The baseball era we currently live in has the darkest of clouds overhead.  The best player of our time, Barry Bonds, basically has a career that is worthless in most people's eyes.  Even baseball's eyes.  The magical "Summer of '98" also has a bad taste as many feel now that both Sammy Sosa and Mark McGwire were juiced up.  We've had TWO MVP award winners [Ken Caminiti, Jose Canseco] admit to using the stuff, and two more MVP award winners [Bonds, Jason Giambi] allegedy admit in sworn testimony to  a grand jury that they may have/probably used steroids too. 

But now this.

Unsealed court documents state that Arizona pitcher Jason Grimsley told federal investigators he used illegal performance-enhancing drugs, mainly HGH [human growth hormone], after federal agents searched his house yesterday.  And apparantly, he rolled over on a few guys as well.

Some notes:

-According to one IRS agent, Grimsley told him some names of other players that may have been using.  The names of those players have been blacked out of court records.

-Grimsely's big league career started in 1989 and he holds just a 42-58 lifetime record with a 4.77 ERA.

-According to the court documents, Grimsley failed a league drug test in 2003.

-Authorities said Grimsley admitted to using HGH, amphetamines and steroids.  He added that amphetamine use was prevalent in the majors, and that coffee in clubhouses [marked "leaded" or "unleaded" to indicate which pots contained the drugs] even was laced.

-The Arizona Republic, which broke the story, said that Latino players were cited by Grimsley as the source for the drugs....and that players on the California teams [presumably the Angels, Padres and Dodgers] could easily go over to Mexico to buy the drugs.

-Grimsley has not been arrested and no charges are currently pending.

-He received two "kits" of HGH on April 19th.

-To corroborate some of his statements, Grimsley agreed to make a recorded telephone call to his supplier of HGH in the presence of agents.

I'm sure we will all hear more about this.  When the feds are involved in something like this.....they aren't looking for the small guys.  They are looking to cut off the head.  The affidavid states that they were looking for lists or any records of contacts.  Meaning, where was he getting this from and where was it going??? 

And THAT, my friends, is the biggest can of worms.

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monponsett said...

It looks like the feds should have raided his house and come away with a lot of Minoxodil.