Thursday, January 8, 2009

Weird Night For ACC Hoops

The ACC was on full display tonight as Duke downed Davidson, North Carolina got off the mat and pounded College of Charleston and there were a couple upsets.

How in the living H-E-double hockey sticks does Harvard go to Boston College and handily beat the Eagles??? Wasn't this the same BC team that just went into North Carolina and beat the once-unbeatable Tar Heels? Using the transitive property, I guess Harvard is better than Boston College.

Then Maryland gets beat at home by ... let me find it here ... oh, Morgan State. Freakin' Morgan State went on a late 21-5 run to take the lead. They also got a game winning tip in to boot. Ah, here goes the Terps again!!!

As for Duke, they really railed Davidson for most of the game. The Stephen Currys would go on a nice second half run to get back in the game but it was too much, too late. North Carolina did what it had been doing before the BC game, seek and destroy.

So we are now entering full-blown ACC play now. Saturday features five conference games that will start to show us who is really legit. The most interesting game is Miami at Boston College. Miami was supposed to be the team that could challenge Duke and UNC for conference honors but it hasn't happened like that. BC has pulled off the biggest conference win to date, but are they that team or the one that just lost to Harvard? I'm also looking forward to Duke's visit to Florida State where the Noles always seem to play the Blue Devils tough.

The huge North Carolina-Wake Forest showdown is set for Sunday evening. Obviously this is a big game. For Wake, it will show the country if it is really worthy of a No. 4 ranking and prove they will be a title contender. UNC wants to get its swagger back and winning at Winston-Salem would certainly do that. A loss would put UNC at an unthinkable 0-2 in ACC play.

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