Saturday, January 3, 2009

NFL Bowl Games

I know, I know ... I'm beating a dead horse. But if the BCS is so great then why not apply it to the NFL and not have those crazy playoffs. I mean, these guys have families to care for so playing the extra games isn't very responsible!!!!

SUPER BOWL (Tampa): Tennessee vs NY Giants
SUNSHINE BOWL (Miami): Pittsburgh vs Carolina
WELLS FARGO BOWL (Pasadena): Indianapolis vs Baltimore
LONE STAR BOWL (Houston): Atlanta vs Miami
SPRINT BOWL (New Orleans): New England vs Minnesota
UNIVERSITY OF PHOENIX BOWL (Glendale): Philadelphia vs San Diego
MGM BOWL (Las Vegas): Arizona vs Dallas
PEACH BOWL (Atlanta): Chicago vs Tampa Bay
GRACELAND BOWL (Memphis): NY Jets vs Houston
ORE IDA BOWL (Boise): New Orleans vs Washington

There, every team that was "bowl eligible" gets to go to a bowl. I'd rather watch 10 games where 9 are meaningless than 11 games that feature win-and-advance intensity.

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