Tuesday, January 20, 2009

We Need More Kobe vs LeBron

The Lakers win over the Cavaliers last night wasn't very dramatic. It was a good game until the Lakers pulled away in the 2nd half. The game was physical and was uneven at times. Neither LeBron James or Kobe Bryant had outstanding nights but their matchup was unbelieveable, nonetheless.

As two guys who are going to be starring on some TNT show said last night, it was awesome to actually see LeBron and Kobe guarding each other. You rarely get that anymore. Not since the days of David Robinson, Hakeem, Ewing, Shaq, etc did you see an actually head to head matchup that would captivate the audience and the players in the game. I mean, Kobe and LeBron play different positions for their team yet they decided to guard each other.

Both did farely well defensively. There were just 43 points scored between them and both made outstanding defensive plays against each other.

You can debate it all you want, but Kobe and LeBron are the two greatest and popular players around. It would have been easy for Phil Jackson and Mike Brown to assign their non-stars to do a lot of the defensive work during the game and rest their elite players. Thank god they didn't.

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