Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Back From the Dead

Okay. Due to things that happened over the weekend, I won't be blogging at AOL FanHouse as much (if at all) anymore. So I am going to concentrate on getting back to getting this blog rolling again and building it back up.

Before FanHouse, I blogged here at SPORTZASSASSIN.COM since 2004. AOL supplied the "journal page" and I just did my thing. From there, I got into a network of other AOL bloggers who supported and championed each other and things went well. From Pigskin Bloggers to AOL's Sports Bloggers Live, times were good and I loved talking my game here.

Since blogging at FanHouse, I've almost let my original blog -- this blog -- die. I really didn't want to duplicate posts so I put most of my stuff at FH and just let this float. That is my mistake.

Since then, AOL has shut down their "journals" so my original site moved here. If you go back to my past posting, you will see the kinds of things I used to do before I devoted my time to FH.

I promise to get this back to that. I loved being part of a family of bloggers and not as insulated (and hated) as part of a corporate blog. Excuse me if the blog isn't as shiny as I had the other one; I'm still learning all you can do at Blogger.

So, give me a chance to get SPORTZASSASSIN.COM back to where it was and I hope to get back in touch with the people I knew before FanHouse and the great friends I've made since I've been there.

Thank you.

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