Thursday, January 7, 2010

Poll Question: Who Will Win Super Bowl XLIV?

With 1,409 people voting so far, here is what you said in my latest poll:

Who will win Super Bowl XLIV?

1-Chargers (23%)
2-Colts (17%)
3-Vikings (11%)
4-Cowboys (9%)
5-Eagles (8%)
6-Saints (7%)
7-Packers (6%)
8-Patriots (6%)
9-Other (3%)
10t-Bengals (1%)
10t-Cardinals (1%)

*I started this poll before Week 17 so "other" could constitute a number of choices.

*Both the Packers and Patriots finished with 6% of the vote, but Green Bay is ranked higher because they received 10 more votes.

*The Bengals and Cardinals finished with exactly the same amount of votes

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