Sunday, January 24, 2010

My NEW ACC Realignment Theory

I'm fine with the ACC's basketball league being a 12-team outfit. I'm not fine with the alignment of teams in the football divisions. I hate it. I still cannot figure out who plays where and what and who is Atlantic or Coastal or ... it's stupid.

You can't do geography since it would break up the Big Four (more on that later) so I think we should go Old and New School. Make the Central division up of originial ACC members and the Atlantic division those teams that were admitted afterwards. Pretty simple.

COASTAL: Clemson, Duke, Maryland, NC State, North Carolina, Wake Forest
ATLANTIC: Boston College, Florida State, Georgia Tech, Miami, Virginia, Virginia Tech

The one big, bad thing about this is that the traditional football powers would all be linked into one division. I mean, the whole reason that BC, FSU, Miami and Va Tech were added to the league was because the ACC wanted to be a bit more powerful on the football side of things. In the Coastal Division, only Clemson is a true football program.

So we could do the geographical thing"
NORTH: Boston College, Maryland, NC State, Virginia, Virginia Tech, Wake Forest
SOUTH: Clemson, Duke, Florida State, Georgia Tech, Miami, North Carolina

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