Friday, January 22, 2010

This Super Bowl Should Be Interesting ... If Nothing Else

It is very rare when I really don't care who gets or wins the Super Bowl. Of the four teams left, I really have no hate towards any of them and, aside from the Jets, I've had a fantasy player on each of the teams remaining ... so I've grown to watch these guys play.

So whatever the Super Bowl will be, I'm fine with it. (By the way, I'm rooting for a Colts-Saints game just because). Each possible matchup brings all kinds of intrigue:

COLTS-SAINTS: This would be the best one for me. These two teams spent most of the year as the clear No. 1 seed in their conferences. If not for their rocky endings to their seasons (Colts lost their last two; Saints lost their last three) then we'd really be on their bandwagons. You get high octane offenses going against rollercoaster defenses. Two dome teams battling in Miami ... where the Colts won the last Super Bowl there. Sean Payton versus Peyton Manning. Manning going up against his dad's team and the team he grew up rooting for. Not to mention that having the Saints in the Super Bowl would be amazing in itself.

COLTS-VIKINGS: Another great possibility. Think about Favre vs Manning for their second Super Bowl win and a capper to their legacy. You have the meticulous robot going up against the gunslinger. Two of the best quarterbacks to ever play the game up against each other. Not to mention the sack machine defense of the Vikings going up against the nearly unsackable Manning.

JETS-VIKINGS: The Brett Favre Bowl. Remember that Favre was dealt to the Jets last year ... then he retired on them so he could then un-retire and become a Vikings. Nice! Who would've thought that these two could meet in the Super Bowl? I'd love to see the Jets defense up against Favre and see what Rex Ryan can come up with with two weeks to prepare for him. The only issue is seeing if Mark Sanchez ... a rookie QB ... can handle what Minnesota can come up with two weeks to prepare.

JETS-SAINTS: This one is interesting just because you have such an explosive offense going up against a stingy defense. This one really will be another clash of styles. Again, what can Ryan come up with while having two weeks to prepare. And imagine a Miami Super Bowl with both Saints and New York fans there!

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