Sunday, January 3, 2010

We Will Have Several Rematches Next Weekend

This is a pretty weird happening. Next weekend, there will be three rematches of games that happened today ... the final day of the regular season. Even more odd is the fact that all three of those games were blowouts today. Not just blowouts -- two of them were shutouts. The winning teams won by a combined score of 94-7.

PACKERS AT CARDINALS: With Green Bay's 33-7 spanking of the Cardinals in Arizona today ensures these two will hook back up next weekend. Can the Packers dismantle the Cards like they did today? I say yes! We'll find out next Sunday. Same Bat-time. Same Bat-channel.

EAGLES AT COWBOYS: Today they played for the NFC East championship. Next weekend, two teams will enter but only one leaves. The game will be back in Dallas where the Cowboys just blanked the Eagles, 24-0. These two face off again on Saturday night.

JETS AT BENGALS: This is the only one of the three rematches that takes place in a different stadium. After winning the final football game at Giants Stadium, the Jets will travel to Cincinnati to face the Bengals again. The tough thing is that these two teams played the last game of the regular season (the Sunday night game) and they'll be the very first game of the postseason (Saturday at 4:30p).

This has been a season filled with weird events.

-The Broncos became just the third team to start 6-0 and miss the playoffs.

-The Giants started 5-0 and missed the playoffs.

-The Saints were once 13-0 and the Colts were 14-0. They've lost all five games they've both played since then.

-The 5-11 Cleveland Browns finish the season with four consecutive wins.

-In four of their five wins this year, the Browns QBs threw for less than 100 yards in those games.

-The Dolphins and Steelers closed out the season against each other. Miami started 0-3, then went 7-3, then finished 0-3. After a 1-2 start, the Steelers won five straight, lost five straight, then closed out the season winning three straight.

-The Cowboys ended the season shutting out their last two opponents. That's the first time in franchise history that Dallas has recorded consecutive shutouts.

-Remember how it used to be that dome teams couldn't win a Super Bowl? Well, that went out the window when the St. Louis Rams and Indianapolis Colts won Super Bowls. This postseason will see a lot of indoor action. In the wildcard round this coming weekend, both NFC games will be in domes (the two AFC games will be played outdoors in Cincinnati and New England). Next weekend in the divisional round, three of the four games will be played in domes (New Orleans, Indianapolis, Minnesota).

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