Friday, January 15, 2010

Hall of Fame Should Add a 'Group' Category

I was on Redskins Insider and read this about an idea to have "Groups" enter the Pro Football Hall of Fame. I like it!

Of course, the premise of the article is the fact that none of the offense linemen from those 1980s Washington Redskins team resides in the Hall. Despite the fact that The Hogs are one of the best known offensive lines in league history, they don't get any Hall love.

I think they should. Maybe not give them all individual busts in the Hall, but have a plaque with their pictures and names on it recognizing both the individual and the group. They deserve it. Former Hog George Starke believes it's time:
"I think the way the Hall of Fame is selected is fundamentally wrong to begin with," says Starke. "Football is a team sport, and they put individuals in the Hall of Fame. The Hogs are the greatest line to ever play, so the Hogs should go in as a group, not individuals. To pick one or two out doesn't make any sense. How you going to do that, right? They should do it as a group.

"They should have a different category in the Hall of Fame for groups, like the Doomsday Defense or the Fearsome Foursome. They should have a group dynamic for the Hall of Fame."

Sure, in an instance like The Steel Curtain, there are several guys that are actually in the Hall. Same goes to the Purple People Eaters and Fearsome Foursome. I'm not saying you should let every famous group get in, but units like The Electric Company should at least have the opportunity to make it in.

I think The Hogs are a given. They were the driving force of three Super Bowl titles (four appearances) and has given us the Hogettes. Individually, it is hard to recognize one of those guys who was the best or should get Hall consideration (Russ Grimm is at the top of that list) so let the entire unit get a plaque or something.

As Starke said, football is the ultimate team game. Yes, there are many individual players that transcend the sport. But for every Hall of Famer out there, their usually is a group of guys that were playing at their ultimate skill and talent to allow that player to reach those heights.

It's time we honor them.

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t-bone said...

gerorge the hog is right! best o line in nfl history