Monday, November 20, 2006

Where Are My Redskins???


BUCCANEERS 20-REDSKINS 17 [Sportz 1-0 this week; 87-57 this season]:  Look, I accept the fact that it will take a miracle for the Skins to make the playoffs.  But there is a shot.  If Washington won this game, they'd be 4-6 and possibly just two games back of the top spot in the NFC East [provided the Giants lose to the Jags tonight].  We get the Giants and Eagles in our have games with the Panthers, Falcons, Rams and Saints....teams we'd be battling for a playoff spot.  Tough sked??  Yeah, but you can't call yourself a playoff team without beating up on some playoff hopefuls. 

Never mind that now.  This team is dead.  Dead.  We ran the ball just 20 times in a close game.  Twenty.  I know there's no Portis there....but Ladell Betts is pretty good and we dealt away a 3rd rounder for TJ Duckett.  This once vaunted defense let Tampa rush for 181 yds on it.  And...if we keep up like this, we'll end up with a 3-13 record and the #1 pick.   Or did we trade that away for Troy Vincent????

STEELERS 24-BROWNS [Sportz 2-0, 88-57]:  Big Ben did it again.  Threw for a slew of yards and TDs....and interceptions.  And Willie Parker scored two more times.  And in the screwed up world, the Steelers are right in the playoff mix.

PATRIOTS 35-PACKERS 0 [Sportz 3-0, 89-57]:  Was that theraputic?  New England vented off a two game losing streak by smacking around G-Bay.  It was so bad that Favre was okay to re-enter the game after an injury....but they figured it was over. 

CHIEFS 17-RAIDERS 13 [Sportz 4-0, 90-57]:  If the offense did anything...Oakland could be a pleasant surprise this season.   Their defense is not bad at all.   But the offense blows.  LaMont Jordan and Randy Moss have been huge busts [Moss caught as many passes as I did].  Oh, and the Chiefs overcame Trent Green's sluggish return because they have Mr. Larry Johnson. 

DOLPHINS 24-VIKINGS 20 [Sportz 5-0, 91-57]:  Miami won this game despite rushing for -3 yards.  Yeah, NEGATIVE THREE YARDS!!!  Hey, weren't these Vikings supposed to contend in the NFC North?  Well, I think the Bears have almost clinched their division now. 

BENGALS 31-SAINTS 16 [Sportz 5-1, 91-58]:  This game could've turned into the shootouts both played last week...but the Saints couldn't convert in the redzone.  Bad turnovers and big plays given up defensively created this loss.  And without Marques Colston, Drew Brees was held to 510 passing yards...the 6th highest in NFL history.  Not bad.  Neither is that Carson to Chad hookup which has resulted in 450 yards over the past two weeks.  Not bad at all.

BEARS 10-JETS 0 [Sportz 6-1, 92-58]:  This game stunk to watch. 

More to come later...

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