Thursday, November 23, 2006

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving everybody!  In the sports world, Thanksgiving marks a great time in all areas of sport.  There a plethora of rivalry games in college football; the NFL is coming into the playoff stretch;  the NBA is starting to find it's legs;  NCAA hoops are in tournament mode;  baseball's offseason gets heated up; and the NHL is in full stride.

So while you are looking for some talk at the Turkey Table...feast on these opinions that you can steal for your own....

OHIO STATE ARE ALREADY THE NATIONAL CHAMPS:  Here is another problem with the BCS:  Ohio State has already won the national championship.  Honestly...what other school can make a case for a national championship but the Buckeyes??  They beat the #2 ranked team TWICE this year [Texas, then Michigan] and navigated thru the season undefeated.  Yeah, they could lose the BCS Bowl....but that would place them among a ton of 1-loss teams.  And if I survey everything....Ohio State still has the best case for a title. 

THE AFC WILL WIN THE SUPER BOWL AGAIN:  How can't they??  The Colts, Chargers, Patriots and Ravens are playing lights out right now and can topple anything the NFC throws out there.  The Bears??  Please.  Rex Grossman is as shaky as Katherine Hepburn after she drank a pot of coffee while smoking some crack.  Seattle won't have the home field to bank on this year and must get their two main cogs back in the flow of things.  The Cowboys are playing better than anyone in the NFC right now...but can this team actually stick together to make a big time postseason run??  The Giants and Panthers do their best to trip themselves up.  And who really believes in the Saints?? 

LIKE MY HEELS:  The UNC Tar Heels have played four games thus far...and are a decent 3-1 after losing to Gonzaga.  The problem I have is the way the team performs in the first half.  Too much one-on-one play and too many bad shots.  We've had deficits in all but one game so far...and it finally bit us in Madison Square Garden.  Still, these growing pains are accepted, but need to be worked on going into a stretch where the Heels face Tennessee, Ohio State and Kentucky in the span of 8 days. 

HOW CAN THREE TWINS GET MVP VOTES???  Heading into the American League MVP voting...I couldn't care if Derek Jeter won or not.  But now I really think he should've won....mainly on the voting results.  Three of the top seven AL vote getters were from the Minnesota Twins.  So, if the Twins had three of the best players in the is one the most valueable in the AL????   Take one of the team....and there are still two guys who are having an MVP season.  One of those guys, Johan Santana, won the Cy Young award.  The other, Joe Mauer, won the AL batting title.  So how is Justin Moreneau so darn valuable???  To be fair, Jeter didn't have any teammates that high in the voting....but A-Rod, Jason Giambi and Johnny Damon finished 13th, 14th and 15th...for whatever it's worth.

THE NHL IS SOOOO COOL:  To be honest, I have paid zero attention to the NHL season thus far.  The NHL regular season is horrible and a bear to watch.  I do love the Cup playoffs...which even lessens the drama of the regular season.  I will say that I miss the "mighty" Ducks. 


zbar88 said...

Hey Sportz, I must agree with you on the NHL. I have not yet seen a full game and maybe that is because my Flyers are flat out HORRIBLE! But as always, great blog and I'll check back soon

redwingsnut93 said...

I disagree with you.  The NHL is the best league and it awesome to watch.  

(Coming from a BIG NHL and hockey fan)