Tuesday, November 7, 2006

Sportz' College Football Bracketology


I grew up on Mr Rogers....so I'm going to live in the land of make believe right now.  Like Joe Lunardi does on ESPN's college hoops, I'm doing the same for football.  Yeah, I know that there isn't a playoff in college football...but who cares!  In my mind, there is.  And here is my bracketology.  It's based on a 12-team format where the 6 BCS conference champions get in....at least 1 team from the non-BCS conferences...and 5 at large bids.  The lower seed plays at home. 

1-Ohio State* vs winner of....
8-California vs 9-Notre Dame

Right now, Ohio State is the top seed in this tournament...and should stay with a first round bye even with a loss to Michigan.  Cal's stock could rise with a win over USC soon.  Same can be said about Notre Dame.

4-Florida* vs winner of....
5-Texas* vs 12-Georgia Tech*

Florida will probably move up to a #2 or #3 seed with an SEC title and a Michigan/Ohio State loss.  So could Texas.  Whomever wins the ACC is staring right at the 12th seed.

3-Louisville* vs winner of....
6-Auburn vs 11-Boise State

If Louisville goes undefeated, they get a first round bye and at least one game at Papa John Stadium.  Auburn could be move all over this board with an SEC title.  Boise is the top non-BCS team and seems to have a lock on this bid. 

2-Michigan vs winner of....
7-USC vs 10-West Virginia

Michigan are a win over Ohio State from being the #1 seed....which could be big.  I mean, USC or West Virginia for their first playoff game is rough!  USC could fall completely out with losses to playoff hopefuls Notre Dame and California.  WVU could drop if Rutgers smacks them. 

ON THE BUBBLE:  Rutgers has every opportunity to get in.  They have L'ville and West Virginia staring at them in the face.  Wisconsin could sneak in since they avoid the Buckeyes and have just the one loss to Michigan on their record.  And who knows who will really win the ACC??  If Boise State continues undefeated, the ACC title team would get the #12 seed.

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