Thursday, November 2, 2006

The Cincinnati Reds Have Baseball's Best Team!!!

The Reds won't compete for anything ever again.....but they will at least sound good.  Since the season ended, the Reds have put together a broadcast team that would rival anyone.

This is a franchise that has been built on great radio voices.  Marty Brennaman [a UNC graduate] is in baseball's Hall of Fame and has been a Reds staple for over 30 years.  He had been calling games with the recently retired [but still working here and there] Joe Nuxall for decades now...and with Nuxall stepping aside....a shakeup has insued. 

Here is the lineup.

Hall of Famer Marty Brennaman will work a bulk of the radio as he usually does.  Joining him will be Jeff Brantley, the former ESPN's "Baseball Tonight" analyst who did some TV work as well for the network.  Flexing in there will be Marty's son, Thom Brennaman, who leaves the same post with the Arizona Diamondbacks.  Now, Thom's work with Fox [mainly the Saturday game plus NFL work] will limit how many games he will call with the Reds....but it is still quite a get. 

On the TV side, George Grande and Chris Welsh will be together for the 15th year calling Reds games.....something they do very, very well.  Filling in the holes [like when one or both of those guys are off] will be Thom Brennaman and Brantley.  Quite a remarkable team. 

Here is the game breakdown from

Marty Brennaman: The veteran Reds broadcaster is expected to be in the radio booth for 150 games this upcoming season.

Thom Brennaman: He will work 45-50 games on the radio and 45 on TV. His FOX deal keeps him from doing weekend radio games.

Jeff Brantley: The former Red will be mostly in the radio booth (120 games) but will do color commentary on TV for 25 games.

George Grande: Grande will provide his play-by-play from the TV booth for 100 games.

Chris Welsh: Welsh will offer his color commentary to TV viewers for 120 games.

Joe Nuxhall: The Ol' Left-hander is expected to join the radio booth for six to 12 games.

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dear ass.
   you forgot to mention Al Michales,and Wate Hoyt,although I hated Hoyt.