Friday, November 17, 2006

The "Manly" George Michael Set To Leave


Sometimes, really late on a Sunday night, I'll leave some channel on that I was watching something on earlier in the evening....and then I see something that makes me think of younger days.

The George Michael Sports Machine.

It will be going off the air soon....part of the NBC cuts and layoffs.

Literally, it was SportsCenter before SportsCenter blew up.  He had all the action from the past weekend's sports events....especially football.  He stood there with his clipboard and touched a magic TV that would wisk the hightlights to our living rooms [or bedrooms].  I remember staying up late when I was supposed to be asleep and watching the NFL highlights. 

Highlights.  That's all it was....highlights.  No group of "experts" sitting around a table and telling you what to think of the weekend's action.  Just highlights and the occassional puff piece on some athlete.  He'd also show highlights of crap like a ping-pong match as if it was the seventh game of the World Series. 

I will miss it....even if I don't miss it.  With ESPN, FoxSports and the internet.....the Sports Machine became behind the times as quickly as it emerged as a groundbreaking show. 

Thanks for the memories, Mr. Michael!!

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