Saturday, November 25, 2006

Dot Com Toilet Bowl

Thanks to my main man and fellow blog buddy Treesoup over at The Wildcat Blog in his shout out about this song dedicated to the crap called the BCS.  As you know, we here at hate the current bowl format and have been doing everything in our power [i.e. whining about it] to make a change. 

This year, we have the Bowl.  The Bell Helicopter Armed Forces Bowl.  The Meineke Car Care Bowl.  The MPC Computers Bowl.  And the International Bowl.  This is better than a playoff system???  Please.  Anyways...enjoy the video. 

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zbar88 said...

hahaha Love it. I have a video/song by this guy on my blog about the Cincinatti Bengals and their receivers (amigos). This guy has got some talent!