Sunday, November 19, 2006

Week 3: Sportz College Football Bracketology


I grew up on Mr I'm going to live in the land of make believe right now.  Like Joe Lunardi does on ESPN's college hoops, I'm doing the same for football.  Yeah, I know that there isn't a playoff in college football...but who cares!  In my mind, there is.  And here is my bracketology.  It's based on a 12-team format where the 6 BCS conference champions get least 1 team from the non-BCS conferences...and 5 at large bids.  The lower seed plays at home. 

1-OHIO STATE* vs winner of....

Ohio State has clinched the top seed in my tournament with their undefeated season.  With Rutgers' loss to Cincinnati....the Big East race boils down to Rutgers or Louisville.  A Rutgers win means they and the Cards are 6-1 in conference...with Rutgers owning the tiebreaker by beating Louisville.  A Rutgers loss means Louisville and West Virginia tie at 6-1 in conference...with Louisville owning the tiebreat with their win over the 'Neers.  I think WVU wins.  LSU is scary enough that they could win this tournament. 

4-FLORIDA* vs winner of....

Florida could move up to a #2 or #3 seed with an SEC title and a USC loss to Notre Dame.   Speaking of Notre Dame, they could launch up to a bye with a win over USC.  Most likely, they'd take the Trojans spot on this line and could actually take the #2 seed with a few other losses by teams out there.  Whomever wins the wild ACC gets the final spot in this tournament.  If it is G-Tech, it's a rematch with the Irish. 

3-MICHIGAN vs winner of...

I still think Michigan is the #3 seed in the nation because (a) they are one of the best three teams plus (b) I want to put them in the opposite bracket as Ohio State.     Most likely the Texas/Nebraska winner in the Big XII title game sits here.  It also puts up a great regional matchup with Arkansas.

2-USC* vs winner of....

USC jumps to the #2 spot with their win over Cal and Michigan's loss.  If USC beats Notre Dame next week, they'll lock this in with an impressive season filled with wins.....not the cupcake sked of normal.  Wisconsin is the one team no one is talking about....and should they?  Boise joins Ohio State as the only remaining undefeated team....and have a high enough BCS ranking to warrant this seed. 

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