Monday, September 12, 2005

Week 1 In The Books


What a wild week of action in WEEK ONE.  We had the Saints emotional victory over Carolina......we had the Niners and Dolphins [the teams who picked #1 and #2 in the last draft] beating two playoff teams from a year ago [Rams, Broncos]....the Steelers, Pats and Colts all looked like the teams of 2004....and 5 home teams losing. 

So here is my breakdown of Week I saw it of 4 TV's and the DirecTV NFL Sunday Ticket in my Sportz Room [aka "Da Bassment"]. 

Oh, and in the Pickem...Jamie Mottram leads the way heading into Monday night.  Why does he ask us to call into SBL when it is obvious that he has all the answers????  lol

Jamie   (11-5)
Beth (10-6)
Monponsett   (10-6)
Pre-Jock (9-7)
Raisin   (9-7)
Sportz   (9-7)
Treesoup   (9-7)
Yannis   (9-7)
Kiser Blade   (8-8)
Lew   (8-8)
NYGFAN   (8-8)
George Coztanza (6-10)

PATRIOTS 30-RAIDERS 20:    The Pats didn't look that dominant...but still got the job done.  Corey Dillion scored 2 TDs [though he was stifled throught the game].  Note to Collins...there is more out there than Randy Moss.  And Norv, send some guys over the middle of the is wiiiiiiiide open.  I picked the game aside from 3 pts on each side...I pretty much hit the mark!

REDSKINS 9-BEARS 7:  Wow.  What a game.  Ramsey gets knocked out....John Hall kicks 3 FGs....the two tough defenses smoked the two horrible offenses.  What a game. 

DOLPHINS 34-BRONCOS 10:  What??  Let me get this straight.  Gus Frerotte threw for 275yards and 2 TDs???  What happened to that Denver Defense??  It was also nice to see Marty Booker enter back into the league, huh?

BENGALS 27-BROWNS 13:  This is how it is supposed to be for Cincinnati.  Carson Palmer looked like a #1 overall pick....Rudi Johnson ran like a Mack truck...and Chad Johnson was catching passes all over the field.  Sad to say, but this is how it is supposed to be for Cleveland as well.  Look at the bright side, you get Matt Leinart or Vince Young next year!

BILLS 22-TEXANS 7:  The sad thing is that Buffalo should have really blown them out!  The Bills kicked FGs and Houston struggled to get anything going on offense.  And how about that Bills stingy defense and their FIVE takeaways!!!!  PS, don't wear those unis again.  It just makes us remember that OJ Simpsonwas your franchise's best player.

STEELERS 34-TITANS 7:  The most impressive thing about this game was that Big Ben looked like he did in the middle of last season.  Oh, and that Duce Staley may be out of a job and Jerome Bettis could be pushed into retirement.  Willie Parker is a stud!!!  Um, where did he go to school?? 

SAINTS 23-PANTHERS 20:  Too many dumb mistakes [well, aren't most mistakes dumb?] cost the Panthers this win.  Well, that and the Saints will to pull this game out.  Steve Smith, I think, caught 6 TD passes...but only 1 counted as penalties brought back the others.  Either way, that Panther pick for the Super Bowl doesn't seem to be as much of a lock right now.

BUCCANEERS 24-VIKINGS 13.  Maybe Culpepper does need Randy Moss.  Daunte was picked off 3 times....and their leading rusher gained 15 yards.  Yikes!!  Maybe the Bucs can spare Michael Pittman...because it sure looks as if the Cadillac is already in prime condition.  The Mike Tice clock is ticking.

JAGUARS 26-SEAHAWKS 14:  Shaun Alexander did nothing.  Hasslebeck was picked 3 times.  I've said it before and I'll say it there a more underrated QB in the NFL than Byron Leftwich?  The dude wins games...and plays assmart as any QB out there.  I love this kid!!!

CHIEFS 27-JETS 7:  The Chiefs jumped right on the Jets and kept piling it on.  And it seems that Larry Johnson will get a ton of time in the offense that he could spell Holmes enough that Priest will be healthy for the long term.  Maybe that New York bias got our minds twisted up that the Jets were gonna be somebody this year. 

GIANTS 42-CARDINALS 19:  Speaking of overreacting...I guess that chic Cards pick has more to do with the lack of a NFC West than anything the Cards have to offer.  Sure, there were moments of Arizona greatness [he was wearing that #11 out there]...but it looked like theol' NFC East butt-whoopin that the Cards used to always get. 

NINERS 28-RAMS 25:  Um, yeah.  The NFC West sucks.  Congrats to NYGFan who had the stones to pick San Fran.

LIONS 17-PACKERS 3:  Neither QB looked very good...and that's not good news for the Packers.  Harrington is supposed to suck.  But Favre didn't do much [well, the game was in a dome].  It doesn't seem to get much better since Javon Walker will most likely be out for the season with a torn ACL.  PS...the Lions need to get rid of those black jerseys.

COWBOYS 28-CHARGERS 24:  I must have fallen into a way back I saw Drew Bledsoe completing 3 TD passes [2 to Keyshawn] as the Cowboys actually outgunned San Diego.  The best work was done on LaDalian Tomlinson...who was held in check after a nice opening drive.  If Philly wins tomorrow night...the NFC East would be 4-0!

COLTS 24-RAVENS 7:  The Ravens defense??  Manning looked mere mortal...but that would be a great game for most QBs.  The Ravens offense??  Kyle Boller got knocked out of the game and no onereally stepped it up in his absence. 


1-Patriots.  Defending champs looked good, as usual, at home. 
2-Colts.  Hmmm.  They go into B-more, spank the Ravens with defense?
3-Eagles.  YET TO PLAY
4-Steelers.  I guess they're still a good regular season team.
5-Falcons.  YET TO PLAY
6-Chiefs.  Hey, if that defense thing catches on, KC could be in for a nice season!
7-Panthers.  The Carolina Karma worked against them against the Saints. 
8-Raiders.  Despite losing to the Pats, they have a ton of promis.
9-Bengals.  They did whip the Browns...but it was the Browns. 
10-Redskins.  Hey, they'll be gone for the team I was really gonna put here...the week.


nygfan1724 said...

Yes, I have rather big stones, ANYWAYS! O.J Simpson is not their franchises best player. I have many friends who would shoot you for saying that. The correct anwer is Jim Kelly, or Bruce Smith, thanks for playing. Also, did you by any chance catch the Giants Cardinals game? Brandon Jacobs looks like he could be OROTY. That one flat kickoff he got and returned to the fifty while dragging five guys witrh him from the 30 brought a tear to my eye. And tje Chargers got shafted. AND, one last piece of wisdom, the Jets Always suck the first 7 games. Remember when they wnet 1-6 or somethin last year?

shamefulzero said...

im originally a rams fan (raised to be) sorry pops ima saints fan this year. besides if hacksaw says so then they must be good! xtrasportsam 570

lrpatton said...

Hey G-fan, how did the Chargers get shafted?