Tuesday, September 6, 2005

Jerry Rice Was The Best Player In My Lifetime


*Jerry Rice is the last NFL star from my childhood to fade away.  I'm not a big Rice fan...or Niner fan...or Raider fan.  In fact, I hated the Niners.  In the mid/late 1980s and early 1990s...my Redskins fought with the Niners for NFC supremecy quite a bit.  Rice was the best NFL player in my lifetime.  He is easily the best WR to ever play the game....and maybe the the best from any position.  He pretty much owns every receiving record comfortably.  He retired the same way he played:  with class.  Not with style....with class.  Thanks for the memories, Jerry...even if they hurt my team.

*Check out my Week 1 picks at SPORTZ ASSASSIN ON REDSKINS.  I do have the Colts, Chiefs, Bengals, Panthers and Eagles losing.

*NASCAR poster-boy Dale Earnhardt Jr has been eliminated from the Chase For The Nextel Cup.  Soon, Jeff Gordon may join him.  Again, I'm not a Nascar fan...but this has to be a blow to the Chase that the two biggest names and followings [especially by fringe fans] won't be "playoff-bound".

*I'm happy the Orioles sent Palmeiro home today.  It's one thing for the league to punish you...but it is quite another for a team to tell one of it's stars that they don't want that kind of crap around them.  "No one wants to buy your drugs here, Louie!"  I give props to the O's for pretty much repeating that statement made in TRADING PLACES.  Palmeiro made the Orioles look bad...and they are handling it correctly.

*I watched the Randy Moss interview on Real Sports With Bryant Gumbel.  Let me say this.  He is dumb for publically stating he smoked the hippie lettuce.  However, can we give him some slack??  He didn't lie, I guess.  It is stupid to do drugs...but the man didn't duck the question.  And isn't one of the bad things about the whole Raffy incident is that he looked at our face, wagged his finger, and lied about his steroid misconduct??   I will admit, he came off arrogant and pompus in his interview....but I do give him props for not sugar coating his weed use just so no one will bother him about it. 

*Anyone catch that FSU-Miami game??  Whew...a 10-7 barnburner!  And FSU won because Miami's holder could handle the snap.  Talk about a pressure win!  I hope the Texas-Ohio State game turns up a bit better.

*Prayers go out to all who lost loved ones in Hurricane Katrina.  Auburn DT Alonzo Horton learned early last week an aunt died in the flooding after Katrina passed. Then Horton was told last Friday that two of his younger brothers had perished when the high school gymnasium in which they were seeking shelter was flooded.  How awful.  Many of the student-athletes across the south recently left the gulf area to attend their schools.  Now, nearly everything they left a month ago is pretty much gone.  Very tough for 18-23 year olds to have to deal with...especially from a distance. 

*I really do expect that the New Orleans Saints have played their final game in New Orleans.  I really do.  Sad to say...but I don't think they will ever come back.  Before all this happened, the Saints and the Louisiana State Legislature were already in a huge battle over funding for a new stadium.  That money is easily out the window...and their current stadium won't be operational for some time.  Not to mention their current city won't be operational for some time.  And when it does...it really won't be a viable NFL city for a long, long, time.  It is really bad timing for all of this now....but it does need to be addressed.  With the Saints in San Antonio for practices and may soon be playing games there...it really may be only a matter of time before owner Tom Benson goes ahead and make the move.

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