Thursday, September 8, 2005

Sportz & Co.'s Week 1 Predictions


RAIDERS AT PATRIOTS.  Oakland is ready to stroll out it's new offensive weapons:  Moss and Jordan.  The Patriots are ready to stroll out and try for a 3-peat.  The Pats did lose a bit on defense...but still are the most prepared team in the NFL.  Sure, the new guys will get theirs...but the Pats win 27-17
George Coztanza, Yannis, Raisin, KiserBlade, Treesoup, Monponsett, Lew:  Patriots
NYGFAN:  Raiders

BRONCOS AT DOLPHINS.  Miami heads into this game with Gus Frerrotte as the QB, Ricky Williams on drug leave and Ronnie Brown with limited training camp.  I say Broncos 21-10
George Coztanza, Yannis, Raisin, KiserBlade, Monponsett, NYGFAN, Lew: Broncos
Treesoup:  Dolphins

BENGALS AT BROWNS.  Upset special.  There is nothing that makes me like Cleveland at all.  Cincy has so many offensive weapons..and their defense is improving.  Just a hunch...but I'm going with the Browns 30-27
Monponsett:  Browns
George Coztanza, Yannis, Raisin, Treesoup, NYGFAN, Lew: Bengals

TEXANS AT BILLS.  Since Domanick Davis is on my fantasy team, I want him to do well.  But that Bills defense is just so good.  I think they can get to Carr and slow up Davis a bit.  Do that, and make sure Losman hands it to McGahee a ton...and you'll get the Bills 16-9
George Coztanza, Yannis, Raisin, Monponsett, Lew:  Bills
KiserBlade, Treesoup, NYGFAN:  Texans

TITANS AT STEELERS.  The Steelers offense looked horrible in the preseason.  Good thing they are facing the Titans, who pretty much released their entire defense this past offseason.  Steelers 23-14.
George Coztanza,Yannis, Raisin, KiserBlade, Treesoup, Monponsett, NYGFAN, Lew: Steelers


BEARS AT REDSKINS.  Rookie QB going up against a stellar defense.  Ugh.  But the Skins come back with Ramsey against any defense.  I think Clinton Portis and Ladell Betts do some running on Chicago...wearing them down in the final quarter.  Skins 17-7
Yannis, Raisin, KiserBlade, Treesoup, Monponsett:  Redskins
George Coztanza, NYGFAN, Lew: Bears

SAINTS AT PANTHERS.  The Saints are essentially a barnstorming team right now.  But the Panthers are bringing back Stephen Davis, Steve Smith and DeShaun Foster...all of who were injured much of last year.  I think the Saints emotion and focus will pull this one out...just as they did in the final game last year.  Saints 34-31.
Raisin, Monponsett:  Saints
George Coztanza, Yannis, KiserBlade, Treesoup, NYGFAN, Lew: Panthers

BUCCANEERS AT VIKINGS.  I love the Vikes new defense.  The key will be keeping them fresh.  To do that, guys like Michael Bennett and Medwede Moore will have to play strong.  I think they will.  Vikes 30-14
George Coztanza, Yannis, Raisin, KiserBlade, Treesoup, NYGFAN, Lew: Vikings
Monponsett:  Buccaneers

SEAHAWKS AT JAGUARS.  I just can't pick Seattle.  Jags 19-10.
George Coztanza, KiserBlade, Treesoup, NYGFAN, Lew: Jags
Yannis, Raisin, Monponsett:  Seahawks


JETS AT CHIEFS.  There will be some strong running in this gamefrom both teams.  Both teamsQBs are coming off of injuries.  Both teams have tinkered with their receiving corps.  But the Jets have the better defense.  Jets 28-24. 
George Coztanza, Yannis,Treesoup: Jets
Raisin, KiserBlade, Monponsett, NYGFAN, Lew:  Chiefs

CARDINALS AT GIANTS.  Perfect Warner goes against Eli...the guy who took his job.  It will be interesting to see how the G-men's defense steps up and if Plaxico Burress makes an impact on offense.  I think the Giants pull it off.  NYG 24-17
Yannis, Raisin, KiserBlade:  Giants
George Coztanza, Treesoup, Monponsett, NYGFAN, Lew: Cards

RAMS AT NINERS.  I'm one of the few schmucks that are picking the Rams to win the West.  It starts here.  Rams 40-13.
George Coztanza, Yannis, Raisin, KiserBlade, Treesoup, Monponsett, Lew: Rams
NYGFAN:  Niners

PACKERS AT LIONS.  I'm not a fan of Favre in domes.  Lions 27-24.
Treesoup, Monponsett, NYGFAN, Lew:  Lions
George Coztanza, Yannis, Raisin, KiserBlade: Packers

COWBOYS AT CHARGERS.  I'm not a fan of Dallas.  Bolts 17-13.
Raisin, KiserBlade, Treesoup, NYGFAN:  Chargers
George Coztanza, Yannis, Monponsett, Lew: Cowboys


COLTS AT RAVENS.  Classic game.  Indy's offense hasn't looked too good in the preseason.  The Ravens defense is a perfect kind to screw with Manning's timing.  I think I'll go with B-more 20-17.
Yannis, Raisin, KiserBlade, Treesoup, Monponsett, NYGFAN:  Colts
George Coztanza, Lew: Ravens

EAGLES AT FALCONS.  I love Atlanta at home.  I think their defensive line plus rushing attack will be too much for the Eagles to behold.  The Falcons get a bit of revenge...A-T-L 31-24
Yannis, Treesoup, NYGFAN:  Falcons
George Coztanza, Raisin, KiserBlade, Monponsett, Lew: 

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The Eagles are gonna dominate this game against ATL. That was bad pick.