Thursday, September 22, 2005

Freakin' Bonds

I've said it before on this blog and I'll say it again:

Barry Bonds is the best baseball player in my lifetime.  Bar none.

Oh, he's a jerk....a jerk who has no sense of the real world, it seems.  He's moronic "opinions" tend to sink as quickly as one of his home runs into McCovey Cove.  He pushes everyone aside...then whines about not getting his just due.  I don't think he bothers moving from wherever he's standing in left field to make any play.

But dude can mash!

Barry Bonds has only been playing for about 10 days now....but he's hit a home run in 4 straight games.  Amazing.  The guy hasn't played in almost a year....yet comes up and can still turn on a pitch and launch it into the night. 

Sure, those roid rumors will, and should, follow him around.  However, it is odd that everyone "rumored" to be on steroids this whole time has really struggled this season.  And I believed in the conveinence of Bonds' struggle to recover from his knee injuries to the possibility that the juice wasn't able to fix his pain. 

Yet, despite all of that, Bonds defiantly smacks pitches into the stands. 

Just 8 behind the Babe for the all time lead for left-handed hitters.  Then another 40 to reach Hammerin' Hank!

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