Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Ramsey Is Already Out


JOE GIBBS REALLY DOESN"T LIKE PATRICK RAMSEY.  I guess getting clotheslined was the straw that broke Ramsey's, uh, neck.  It gave Joe Gibbs the opportunity to put "Scott" Brunell in the game and not look back.  Ramsey says he'll be fine to play next week....but apparantly Gibbs doesn't care as he has named Brunell the starter for Monday night's game in Dallas.  Ah, just what we need.  A QB controversy in WEEK TWO when we play our hated rivals [who we cannot beat] on Monday night.  And not just any Monday night....but the one that houses the Hurricane Katrina benefit. 

IF YOU ARE GONNA HOLD OUT...THEN HOLD OUT.  Javon Walker held out for more money.  In the NFL, the team can cut you at any time and you get nothing.  So I agree that a player could/should be able to hold out if it is warranted.  Walker was getting paid scraps...and he's one of the best WRs in the league.  However, when camp started, he arrived with a smile on his face and never bothered anyone about it since.  Oh, then he tears up his ACL in the first game of the season and is done for the year.  Maybe that's why these guys hold out, huh?  So when 2006 rolls around, remember this when someone making far under market value wants to redo his deal.

ROGER CLEMENS IS MY NL CY YOUNG WINNER.  I've fought over this in my head for a bit.  I wanna give it to Chris Carpenter, who's a 20-game winner on the NL's top team.  All his stats look great.  But Clemens has pitched better.  His ERA is the NL's lowest since Doc Gooden in 1985.  And that is pitching at Minute Maid Park.  He's allowed only 5 earned runs in 13 games pitched on the road.  The Astros have been shutout in EIGHT of his starts...including FIVE games that ended 1-0.  I wouldn't mind if Carpenter got it just because, hey, Clemens has enough of them.  But, with all things considered, The Rocket deserves the award.

OH, AND MY PICK FOR THE SERIES...  St. Louis Cardinals over Anaheim Angels

THE NFC STILL SUCKS.  Let's see.  Of the teams that made the NFC playoffs last year....only the Falcons won.  And they played the Eagles, another playoff team. 

SEE YA MIKE!  The five hottest seats in the coaching profession lie in Minnesota, Seattle, Green Bay, Denver and St. Louis.  All of those teams lost.  All of those teams were in the playoffs last year.  All of those coaches are named Mike.  And who beat these vaunted teams??  Tampa Bay, Jacksonville, Detroit, Miami and San Francisco.  Who do those teams play next week??  Cincinnati, Atlanta, Cleveland, San Diego and Arizona.

MY PICK FOR NASCAR'S CHASE FOR THE CUP.  Tony Stewart.  I told DieCast Dude before the season began that I'm rooting for Stewart to win this thing [well, I drafted him in my fantasy league].  No Gordon....no Little E....and Jimmie Johnson slumping.  Go #20!!!

COLLEGE FOOTBALL SKEDDIE LOOKS GOOD.  Man, what a NCAA pigskin lineup we've had!  After a sizzling FSU-Miami game on Labor day....and that Notre Dame-Michigan game plus the epic Texas-Ohio State battle....I can excuse the NCAA for a light schedule this week.  Ooops.  Tennessee heads to Florida.  Florida State heads up to Boston College.  Miami takes on Clemson.  Oklahoma heads out west to take on UCLA.  Oh...and the week after that??  Tennessee at LSU.  G-Tech at V-Tech.  Iowa at Ohio State.  Michigan at Wisconsin.  BC at Clemson.  And Notre Dame heads to Washington to face Ty Willingham. 



lrpatton said...

Sportz, My Blog Brother,

Let me also mention that the Monday Night Game between the Skins and My Cowboys will also feature the Triplets being inducted into the Cowboys Ring of Honor. And maybe, just maybe, yours truly will get to attend the affair due to yet another birthday. A birthday present to see my Boys try to keep the string going against the Skins. Should be fun, but nothing is ever guaranteed in the NFL. It certainly isn't out of the realm of possibilities that the Redskins take advantage of the Cowboys being on cloud 9 after the San Diego game.

By the way, you and I are on the same page rooting for Tony Stewart. It is difficult for me to root for Tony knowing that Joe Gibbs is his boss, but oh well, as long as Tony wins and the Skins lose, I'm ok with that.


nygfan1724 said...

Don't forget, it's a Monday Night DOUBLE HEADER!!!! You can scout Brandon Jacobs and the Giants at 7:30 before the Skins game. Behold the New and Improved 21st Century Bus.

treesoup1 said...

Hey Sportz,

"...Maybe that's why these guys hold out, huh?  So when 2006 rolls around, remember this when someone making far under market value wants to redo his deal."

Point taken in Walker's case. The most difficult thing in this past off season was putting up with guys like T.O. who ridiculously wanted a new deal. However, you can't tell one guy he's justifiably wrong and out of line for wanting to redo nearly 50 mil (T.O.), and then turn around and give a guy like Walker or Hines Ward a new contract even though they really do deserve it. There can't be that double standard looming around - someone has to step up and tell it like its going to be. But you are right, guys like Walker and Hines Ward do deserve to be paid among the top, unfortunately for them, guys like T.O. (especially this offseason) will never help them with their case. The reality is, all of these guys know what the rules are and what can happen and what is allowed to happen before they sign the dotted line. But I do agree with your point - and hell I was one of the people that was saying the Walker needs to show up at camp and play out his contract.

sportzassassin said...

I think the key part of my take on that was "making far under market value".  Owens was making market value...and got a nice signing bonus to do so.  

In fact...Owens got EXACTLY what he wanted except for one teeny thing.  In 2004, his agent missed the deadline for voiding his contract...making TO a Niner.  San Fran dealt him to Baltimore...Owens complained and whined...the NFL buckled and recinded the trade....and Owens was dealt to the Eagles [who he had made a deal with while he was a Niner as he figured he'd be a free agent].  In 2004...HE signed the 7-yr $42M deal that gave him a $10M signing bonus.  Then, one year later...he wants to redo his deal.  Garbage!

Javon Walker is one of the best WRs in the game...and his base salary is $515K.  He had to strike while the iron was hot.  Same thing with Antonio Gates who is making just over $300K.  I normally hate when players whine about their contracts....but in the NFL, nothing is guaranteed.