Saturday, September 24, 2005

PICKEM: Week 3


Angel (21-11)
Sportz   (19-13)
Treesoup   (19-13)
Lew   (18-14)
Kiser Blade   (17-15)
Pre-Jock (17-15)
Raisin   (17-15)
Jamie   (16-16)
Monponsett   (16-16)
George Coztanza (15-17)
NYGFAN   (15-17)
Yannis   (15-17)

On a side of our bloggers, Yannis, who writes Yannis' Sports Journal, had to vacate his home to get on safer ground in San Antonio due to Hurricane Rita.  So, please say a prayer or two tonight and put him and his family in your thoughts this football weekend.  I hope everyone in your family is safe and that when you return home, it will be in the same way as you left it. 

What a tough time with these picks.  Over half of the league is 1-1....and many of those teams looked darn good one week and like crap the next. it goes.

TITANS AT RAMS.  Despite themselves, I am still convinced that the Rams are the best team in the NFC West.  I can't figure the Titans out at all.  One week, Willie Parker runs all over them.  The next week, Jamal Lewis rushes for 9 yards.  What???  I like the Rams 31-14
Treesoup, Jamie, Lew, G-Coz, Yannis, Pre-Jock:  Rams
Monponsett, Kiser, Angel, Raisin:  Titans

PANTHERS AT DOLPHINS.  Carolina became darlings again after smacking down the Patriots last week.  Miami didn't look too shabby in New York, despite losing.  The key here will be Carolina's ability to minimize mistakes.  Do that, and they will win this one.  Miami will have to find some way to run the football.  If they can't, then Peppers and that Panther defense will be gunning for Gus.  Panthers 23-20
Monponsett, Treesoup, Jamie, Kiser, G-Coz, Angel, Yannis, Raisin, Pre-Jock:  Panthers
Lew:  Dolphins

SAINTS AT VIKINGS.  Has anyone's star faded as quickly as Culpepper's??  He looked horrible in Cincy last weekend.  The Saints also turn the ball over a ton.  So..both teams will screw up some in this game.  However, New Orleans can move the ball up and down the field and have the best opportunity to put points on the board.  Saints 27-17
Lew, Kiser, Angel, Yannis:  Saints
Monponsett, Treesoup, Jamie, G-Coz, Raisin, Pre-Jock:  Vikings

JAGUARS AT JETS.  This should be a great game.  Jacksonville's defense held Peyton Manning to 122 yards passing and ZERO touchdowns in their 10-3 loss.  But, it is forgotten that Edgerrin James did mash all over them.  Curtis Martin has that ability as well, but will he play?  Jets 13-10.
Monponsett, Jamie, Kiser, G-Coz, Angel, Yannis, Raisin, Pre-Jock:  Jets
Treesoup,Lew:  Jaguars

RAIDERS AT EAGLES.  Boy, did those Eagles look good last week??  McNabb and Owens are back to just playing football.  And the Raiders puzzled me.  One week after looking too much to Moss....they completely went away from him.  Two great receivers on the field...but only one has a great team around him.  Eagles 34-23
Monponsett, Treesoup, Jamie,Lew, Kiser, G-Coz, Yannis, Raisin, Pre-Jock:  Eagles
Angel:  Raiders

FALCONS AT BILLS.  Both teams are 1-1...but the Falcons look to be the stronger team here.  Both defenses are solid...and both can run the ball.  But I like Michael Vick's ability to lead much better than LP Losman's.  Remember, their lone TD was a toss to an offensive lineman.  Falcons 16-9
Monponsett, Treesoup, Kiser, G-Coz, Yannis, Raisin:  Falcons
Jamie, Lew, Angel, Pre-Jock:  Bills

BENGALS AT BEARS.  Cincy's offense has looked unstoppable in two games.  Chicago's defense looked like they did 20 years ago last weekagainst the Lions.  And there is your main event.  However, it will be how that big play Cincinnati defense can hold up against Kyle Orton and the Bears offense that could make the difference.  Bengals 24-17
Monponsett, Jamie, Lew, Kiser, G-Coz, Raisin, Pre-Jock:  Bengals
Treesoup, Angel, Yannis:  Bears

BUCCANEERS AT PACKERS.  The "Bay Of Pigs" game.  Green Bay has looked horrible...getting spanked by the Lions and embarrased by the Browns.  Tampa made the Vikings and Bills look foolish.  The key will be Ahman Green.  If he can run the ball [that is, if they let him run the ball] the the Pack have a shot.  But I feel that Caddy Williams will keep his hot start going against a very bad G-Bay defense.  Buccs 30-20
Jamie, Lew, Kiser, Angel, Pre-Jock:  Buccs
Monponsett, Treesoup, G-Coz, Yannis, Raisin:  Packers

BROWNS AT COLTS.  In theory, this is the game that Manning finally gets off.  Carson Palmer and Brett Favre had pretty big passing games against this Cleveland defense.  The sad thing is that this Browns offense may be the best that Indy has faced thus far.  I think Cleveland throws a few good punches...but the Colts just wear them out.  Colts 35-10
Monponsett, Treesoup, Jamie, Lew, Kiser, G-Coz, Angel, Yannis, Raisin, Pre-Jock:  Colts

COWBOYS AT NINERS.  A quick turnaround for Dallas.  Losing Monday night in dramatic fashion...then flying the the left coast isn't ideal.  But that Niners defense looks to be theraputic.  Julius Jones should be able to have a big day...and Bledsoe won't be forced to win it for them.  Cowboys 27-13
Monponsett, Treesoup,Jamie, Kiser, G-Coz, Angel, Yannis, Raisin:  Cowboys
Lew, Pre-Jock:  Niners

CARDINALS AT SEAHAWKS.  This is a huge game for Arizona.  A loss here puts them 0-3...with two of those losses coming to division foes.  It would also force the Cardinals to remember that they are, indeed, the Cardinals.  Seattle did well against Atlanta when they fed the rock to Shaun Alexander.  If Holmgren remembers to keep doing that, then Kurt Warner won't have a shot to mount a comeback drive.  Seahawks 24-23
Monponsett, Treesoup, Jamie, Lew, Kiser, G-Coz, Yannis, Raisin, Pre-Jock:  Seahawks
Angel:  Cardinals


PATRIOTS AT STEELERS.  I know that everyone wants to kick the Pats while they are down.  I still feel that they are one of the best teams in the league.  However, they have two pretty big problems.  One, they have trouble running the ball.  Dillon has been stuffed, and that Pittsburgh defense isn't going to be any easier to work on.  Two, their defense is pretty thin.  If Parker can get past the line, then he may be able to work over the linebackers and secondary.  Then there is that whole "confidence" factor.  I think the Pats still have the "swagger" in 'em....but they really looked like a different team in Charlotte last week.  Whining about calls; turning the ball over; getting in each other's faces.  In the AFC title game, the Pats forced Big Ben to beat them.  If he has to...they won't win.  He won't have to.  Steelers 21-14
Jamie, Lew, Kiser, G-Coz, Angel, Yannis, Raisin:  Steelers
Monponsett, Treesoup, Pre-Jock:  Patriots

GIANTS AT CHARGERS.  This is actually the first game New York has played away from Giants Stadium...but it is their 2nd road game.  San Diego is 0-2 and very desperate.  The Giants are 2-0 with a strong running game and Eli staying in his comfort zone.  Comfort zone?  It won't be at Qualcomm where Eli Manning will be treated like the Ebola Virus.  I think that the Bolts need to win this game will pull them thru.  Chargers 28-20
Monponsett, Treesoup, Jamie, Lew, Kiser, G-Coz, Yannis, Raisin, Pre-Jock:  Chargers
Angel:  Giants

CHIEFS AT BRONCOS.  What a big game.  If KC wins this...they will have a 2-game lead on the rest of the division.  If Denver wins this...they are atop the standings despite not looking to good.  What happened to the Broncos offense??  They better show up, or my predicition will come true.  Chiefs 34-24
Monponsett, Treesoup, Jamie, Lew, Kiser, Yannis, Pre-Jock:  Chiefs
G-Coz, Angel, Raisin:  Broncos


lrpatton said...

I'd be interested to know Angel's logic on picking the Bears of the bengals. I'm not saying she's wrong mind you, I would just like to know the logic.


lrpatton said...


With all due respect, I have a question for you. Is G-Coz George Coztanza AND NYGFAN?

Because you know what it looks like. All this money we are making with these picks either goes to one person or someone with a split personality..LOLOL

I crack myself up!


yanniisk said...

Back home and safe Sportz, thanks to you and everyone for your prayers, everything is fine.

monponsett said...

Thank you for giving me the time frame in which to rob Yanni's house.

"Come up on me a VCR, in the back of my car..."