Sunday, September 25, 2005

Surivor Update - Sept 22


Sorry that I didn't get my update on here sooner.  I am not the Suvivor wife is.  So I forget that the show is even on.  However, here is Mrs Sportz Assassin's take on what happened this past Thursday:

Survivor: Guatemala - Bravenet Web Journal

" there some law that states at least one annoying flaming gay guy
must be cast?!"

"Danni, the grotesque sports caster leaked Gary's secret.  She said he was a quarterback.  I was unsure if anyone heard her, but she was yelling it. LoL..............Brian called out Gary and asked if he was a former NFL quarterback.  Gary said..."who me? no"  LMAO"


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dp8362 said...

  I feel sorry for Morgan. She may be a magician's assistant, but a little abracadabra won't make her Amy Poehler anytime soon.