Wednesday, September 21, 2005

A Bunch Of Small Takes Thrown Into A Pot

*Congrats to the Sacramento Monarchs on their WNBA title.  Just imagine if the men's team could've actually done that themselves.  Wow, what a parade that would have been!  To bad Doug Christie clanged the shots that Chris Webber was too scared to take back in 2002 or else maybe the Kings could have known.

*Ah, but my Lakers are in for quite a season.  Check out this ego-laden roster.  It starts with head coach Phil Jackson....aka The Zen Master.  This is a guy who was busy jotting down notes during the 2003-2004 season about his team, which he eventually got published.  The book slammed Kobe Bryant, who has earned himself the tag of being the biggest jerk in the NBA.  Okay, now add Kwame Brown...who was the #1 overall pick in the 2001 NBA draft and has had his mentals shaken by Michael Jordan during his Wash Wizards days.  This guy got kicked out of the playoffs by the Wiz!!  And then there is Lamar Odom...who you never know if he cares about what is going on.  Dude's had a ton of issues in college and is known to hit the hippie lettuce.  Now add a 17-year old man-child that will be viewed as the next Shaq and most likely blamed if he doesn't turn out to be that.  But the kicker is that the Lakers are looking at adding Latrell Sprewell to the mix. Yikes!!!!! 

*I watched the Ricky Williams interview on 60 Minutes.  What a BS artist. 

*Aaron Brooks will get some heat [and not just because he is Aaron Brooks] for telling off the NFL about their "home game".  He called out the NFL for overdoing the game  with bells and whistles and said "don't patronize us" by referring the game to a home opener.  This is a classic example of someone trying to hard to help when it really isn't the right thing.  The NFL put on the show that it cares about the Saints for the Monday night game against the Giants.  The reality is that the Saints were playing at Giants Stadium against the Giants.  The fantasy was that this was a home opener for New Orleans.  They wore their home black uniforms....served up some jumbalaya and gumbo in the tailgating parties and had George Bush [member of the BushClinton fundraising organization] flip the coin.  The reality was that the Saints were playing the Giants in their front of their fans....with signs rooting for the Giants...and the Giants called that coin flip.   The NFL did do a great job raising money for the Gulf areas....but the Saints are correct.  We can pretend it was a home game for the Saints....but that isn't reality.

*One of the greatest things about NASCAR is that they have those good ol' fights.  Kyle Busch bumped Kasey Kahne, sending him hard into the wall. Kahne restarted his battered car and drove it slowly along the bottom of the track until Busch came by in turn one. Kahne then shot up the track, hitting Busch in the left front.   Later on, Michael Waltrip hit Robby Gordon, sending Gordon into the wall.  Gordon, his car smashed up, waited until Waltrip came past again and tried to back into him, missing Waltrip and nearly hitting points leader Tony Stewart, who had to stop to avoid Gordon. Gordon then got out of his car, waited for Waltrip, feigned as if he was going to walk in front of the No. 15 and threw his helmet at the car, hitting it just below the driver's window.  Classic!!!  Then in an interview after the race, Gordon dropped an "s-bomb" when describing Waltrip.  Ahhhhh....great!!!

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lrpatton said...

I have a suggestion for the NFL. Let's impose the "Saint's 3 point rule." See my idea on the Saints blog.