Friday, September 16, 2005

Mrs Sportz Assassin Has Her Survivor Blog Going Again


Survivor: Guatemala - Bravenet Web Journal



39 days 18 people 1 survivor
Teams:   Nakum (yellow)   and Yaxha (blue) it just me
or did you see the old guy Jim and think
"wow he should just have a target on his head, he is so outta here?"

The TWO big surprises 2 survivor favorites returning)
I swore it was gonna be those  [expletive deleted] Rob and Amber

Those two SO deserved another chance, I am glad that was recognized!!

**sidenote to Meka** 
at least now we have something to look at!! lol

It's hard to get an idea of which team you end up rooting for from the first episode.
oh, by the picks in the pool are Brian and Brooke.
Why do I always get SUCKY picks?!

my observations: he gay?  is he straight? It's a toss up.

Rafe...OMG WTF?!  He kind of creeps me out

Brooke...reminds me of Julia Stiles

Gary...a big [expletive deleted] liar!! 

Blake...his teeth BLIND me (I can't imagine what you people with HD see lol) the mud (that rhymes) like a pig 

Brandon...cute in a weird sort of way had me rolling when he said Judd had premature evacuation

ok.....reward challenge
an 11 mile hike through the jungle to get the best campsite and flint
omg that's like pure torture
that was just horrific to watch

pretty boy Blake got stuck by a sticker branch..waa waa

they better be kissing Margaret's butt
they also better thank god that she got put on their team to take care of them!!

pretty boy Blake starts puking

despite all the problems...Yaxha wins
with Nakum just barely behind them

Nakum, must travel further to their camp.
Yaxha immediately breaks down.
dehydration sets in and takes all the men out
I was waiting for Bobby Jon's head to start spinning around like the exorcist,
his eyes were wicked looking!
I so don't care to see [expletive deleted] puke.
And puke they did...Judd, Blake, Jim, and Bobby Jon couldn't move.

Suck it up boys...immunity challenge is coming

row a boat, get a torch, pull your boat on shore the old school Mayan way
light your

By this time, I'm sort of pretty much leaning towards rooting for Steph's team Nakum.
I mean, I have Brooke on Yaxha, and Brian on Nakum, so wtf.
(by the way it isn't like either one of them is gonna win LoL)

Amazingly, Nakum wins.
Steph's first immunity challenge win EVER!!
I was so happy for her,  and yeah...I guess that's my team.
(It's really just about her though)

No one who has ever played this game...
I mean in the whole freaking history of Survivor
has EVER deserved to win a million dollars more than
Maybe this time, she can do it!!

Back at the Yaxha camp...
we learn Jim (the old guy) has injured his bicep pretty bad.
he looks to be in horrid pain.
he says the muscle snapped.  OUCH.

*like we didn't think he was first choice to go anyway!!

I was thinking they would be stupid to keep Jim or Blake for that matter.
Pretty boy Blake is pretty much out of commission anyway

Then Brooke, that little biotch is pretty much campaigning for Bobby Jon to go
saying "he was the most worst off"
EXCUSE ME?!  did you not see Blake?!!  Jim?!! WTF?
She's scared.  She knows they have to get him out or she has no way in hell of winning
she pissed me off, she needs to go to, EVEN IF SHE IS MY PICK!!

Tribal Council:

surprise, surprise..
the first 5 votes are for Jim
and that's enough to be voted out

3 days down....36 more to go


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