Monday, September 20, 2004

Well, I Went 10-6

Alright. I was 11-5 in Week One. Far from perfect, but pretty good. Now…let’s look at my Week Two [shudder] predictions!! Or, let’s not. I had a subpar week and some close ones I lost. So far, I am 10-6 [I also just got the Philly-Minny game right]. Not bad…..not great.


LIONS CLAW TEXANS. No team could have been more disappointed last week than the Texans. In a very hyped up season, they lose their home opener to a team many feel is the worst in the NFL. Detroit didn’t look great….but got a win on the road which is a very big step for them…or any NFL team trying to make a move into the upper tier of the league. The Lions just have more talent. Lions 28-20

Houston looked better…but Roy Williams had one heck of a couple catches for Detroit.

RAVENS RIP STEELERS. This could be the game of the week. The Ravens were embarrassed in Cleveland last week. The Steelers held onto a win over Oakland. A slinging offense against a stingy defense. Great drama. But, Baltimore isn’t going to let Pitt get them at home. Ravens 20-10

The Ravens do what they do best. Kill the QB. They knocked Maddoz out, but Ben Roehterwerwkerwjerwjberger looked alright in relief. Not the game of the week, but a better one than many others Sunday.

RAIDERS PILLAGE BILLS. If the Bills could punch it in after that big INT last week…they’d be 1-0 now. Neither team is. But, the Raiders did show an ability to move the ball around. Raiders 17-7

Hey, I got one right!!

COLTS SLAP TITANS. This is a huge game for Indy. Not only have they been on 10 days rest….but coming off a heartbreaking loss to the Pats. They don’t want to be 0-2 and lose tiebreakers to the two other top teams in the AFC. The Colts will pull this game out. Colts 26-20

Manning and James shook off their mistake laden game last week and won a big game in a tough venue. Congrats.

JETS SLOW DOWN THE CHARGERS. The Jets looked pretty good against Cincy. Diego looked good against H-town. But, the Jets are the better team here. Jets 21-17

Good call.

PATRIOTS OVER CARDINALS. The best organization in the NFL against the worst. Pats 28-13

What a scene before the game, as Arizona remembered Pat Tillman. And, the Cards did put on a good showing in defeat.

BENGALS SINK DOLPHINS. The Phins have no offense to speak of. Heck, they’ve already had a QB change. Palmer, though not great, did showsigns of becoming a pretty good QB in the nearfuture. This will be a electric atmosphere for this game as both teams need a win. Bengals 24-13

Man, is that Dolphin defense good!! And is that Dolphin offense bad!!


COWBOYS LASSO BROWNS. Let’s just say this….Parcells will have this Dallas team prepared to battle the Browns. But, if Vinny needs 50 throws again…it’ll be a long year in the Lone Star State. I have a feeling the Cowboys defense, which was murdered in Minnesota last week, will look to revive their good name. Cowboys 27-17

Vinny didn’t need 50 throws…but they did need him slinging. Their defense did look much better this week, but they let the Browns stick around too long.

SAINTS OVER NINERS. This game will be played in N’Awlins…which will be quite an emotional afternoon. Saints 30-10

Give it up to the Niners who had this game. Give it up to the Saints for winning a game like this. The Saints HAD to have this.


CHIEFS SCALP PANTHERS. Carolina didn’t look to good against the Packers. Their offensive line is horrible. The KC defense isn’t that great, however. But it is good enough to send a blitzer every now and then since Steve Smith isn’t out there to make them pay. Chiefs 24-10

The Panthers played one heck of a game…and Deshawn Foster stepped up amazingly in Davis’ place. If the Chiefs are losing home games like this…they have some deeply rooted problems, especially on defense and in their receiving corp.

BRONCOS STOMP JAGUARS. The Jags pulled that last win out of their wazoo. The Broncos new defense wasn’t dominant….but effective. Sorta like Jacksonville’s. I just feel that Leftwich will make a few mistakes that will cost the Jags a win. Broncos 17-13

An ugly game that the Broncos had won. If Griffin doesn’t fumble on the 20 yard line with :30 remaining…Elam kicks the FG and Denver goes home with a win. Now, the unlikely Jags are 2-0.

PACKERS SLAM BEARS. A great rivalry….but the Packers really looked good defensively Monday night. And they have Favre and Green on offense to go along with some solid receivers. Packers 34-20

Who knew? The Packers go into the defending NFC Champs place and blow out the Panthers. The Bears lose at home to the Lions. So, of course, Chicago goes into Green Bay and wins 21-10.

RAMS BITE FALCONS. I want to pick the Falcons so bad….but I can’t. Neither team looked that great in games they should have dominated. But, the Rams defense is good enough to slow down the Atlanta offense. I can’t say the same thing the other way around. Rams 31-26

I should have picked the Falcons. Vick looked much better this week, and the Rams didn’t. What happened to their running game???

REDSKINS BELITTLE GIANTS. This would be a key game for the Redskin franchise. Over the past 4 years, the Skins have been HORRIBLE against division foes, especially on the road. This is one of those games that you gotta win if you want to be in the playoffs. Gibbs will have them ready. Skins 24-10

Well, I got the right numbers…2, 4, 1, 0. It was just 20-14...and the G-men winning. Of course, I didn’t expect the Skins to implode with 7 TURNOVERS!!!

BUCCANEERS CONQUER SEAHAWKS. I’m going by the assumption that Alexander won’t be a factor in this game. Because of that, the Buccs can concentrate on trying to lock down those tough Hawk receivers. Garner will break out with a nice game…and Johnson will be efficient. Buccs 28-24

This was a completely wrong. Not only did I pick the wrong team….but I didn’t pick a defensive struggle. Heck, combined these teams scored 16 points. Johnson wasn’t efficient at all. Sims next week???


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