Thursday, September 23, 2004

The N.B.A.A.R.P

Dennis Rodman. Clyde Drexler. And, now…..again…..Michael Jordan.  All are looking at returning to the NBA again.


I understand the who “competitive spirit” angle you may want to spin here….but, please. It is the, “hey…I am bored” angle that seems more sufficient.

None of it makes sense. Between the three of them….they own 12 NBA Championship rings. Also, between the three of them…they all have had major failures outside of their playing days.

Clyde Drexler didn’t last too long as the coach at his alma mater Houston. Nor did he stick anywhere we trying to get NBA jobs either. He is still searching for a front office job somewhere. But, he did get elected to the Hall Of Fame this year. Congrats!!

Rodman’s popularity went bye-bye when the spotlight from his Bulls days were over. A stint with the Lakers and Mavs went badly…and he’s been begging for a job in basketball ever since. It is one thing to be a freak with talent….but it’s quite another when the talent part is gone and you are now just a freak. That’s Michael Jackson realm, there. So, now he just goes around the talk circuit and makes comments about how great he was and how bad the NBA is now. So bad, that he wants back in.

Jordan….well we all know that. Horrible baseball player….not a great golfer….bad president of the Wizards….and divisive “teammate” of the Wizards until kicked out by the team. Charlotte didn’t want him….neither did Milwaukee. He is in a weird spot. He is a cash cow wherever he lands….but he also is now one of those guys who has baggage. Owners are really weary of him because he wants too much of the pie or too much control of the team. Also, he proved to be quite the un-teammate in Washington when he [allegedly] constantly ripped his teammates and was especially difficult on certain ones. A good question also is that is there that much of a demand to see Jordan back again??

In my mind…no. Sure, any of these guys have the right to come back if someone is willing to give them a job. It’s their life and the team’s money. But, give it a rest guys!!

I mean…how much longer before Ewing suits back up?? Or Hakeem?? I mean….the NBA is pretty void of centers. What about Sir Charles?? Heck…anyone would love to get Steve Kerr or Sean Elliot out there to hit a key jumper for them. Or just sign Calvin Murphy and Larry Bird to stay out there to hit free throws in the clutch. Maybe if the Lakers sign John Stocktonthen Malone will stay in LA as well??

Guys….you have your rings. Your Hall Of Fame careers. Your era. Let Kevin Garnett, Tim Duncan, Kobe Bryant, Tracy McGrady, LeBron James and the rest of the stars in today’s league take it to the next level.


monponsett said...

I hear Ainge is trying to sign George Mikan

sportzassassin said...

"I hear Ainge is trying to sign George Mikan"

He'd probably trade Larry Bird, Bob Cousy and Bill Russell to do so.