Thursday, September 23, 2004

Week 3 Picks

Alright….on to Week Three. Maybe I can built on my 21-11 record thus far.

FALCONS CLAW CARDINALS. The Cards have played valiantly thus far this season….but the Falcons have just to much for them to handle. And that is even if Dunn doesn’t play. Falcons 21-10

RAVENS STUFF BENGALS. Tough game. But, the Bengals did struggle against Miami’s Mighty Defense…scoring their only touchdown on a INT return. Also, Miami’s offense was horrific. Baltimore, though not prolific, is much better. Ravens 23-13

VIKINGS CAGE BEARS. The Bears have a legit shot at winning this game. But, Dante and Randy will be ready to light it up after a mistake laden Monday nighter. Vikes 30-17

GIANTS ERASE BROWNS. I will say this: Cleveland has played much better than I anticipated. But, they have some injury issues they gotta deal with. NYC won their game because the Redskins gift wrapped the ball to them 7 times. Still, that momentum will linger as the Giants outlast the Browns. Giants 20-16

CHIEFS SCALP TEXANS. Well, the Priest may not be there. Still, KC NEEDS this game…so I think Vermeil will have them ready [though this little tift with LJ hasn’t really helped matters]. Chiefs 27-13

TITANS TAME JAGUARS. Big game for the Jags. If they can pull this off, they could be a legit contender for the AFC South crown. Too bad they won’t win. They’ve eeked out two very lucky wins so far. Luck runs out in Music City. Titans 28-13

RAMS TRAMPLE SAINTS. N’Awlins can win this game. But, the Rams should pull this one out. The Rams need to get their running game going….and the Saints running game is sitting on the sidelines for a month. Rams 20-14

EAGLES SOAR OVER LIONS. The Lions are having a nice season thus far. But, beating the Bears and Texans are one thing. Beating this tough Eagles team is another. Eagles 27-23

STEELERS SLAP DOLPHINS. That Dolphin offense is horrible. Their defense is awesome. And they get to tee off on a rookie, Ben Roethleskjsdjfadjfkajfberger. Everything in my mind says to pick Miami. But, Miami couldn’t beat a “rookie” Carson Palmer last week. Steelers 13-6

BRONCOS KICK CHARGERS. Hey, it’s the Chargers. Broncos 30-21

COLTS PACK PACKERS. I just think that it will be too climate controlled in the RCA Dome that Favre won’t be as affective. This is a kind of game the Packers lose. Manning and that offense will finally get a game on their track after two very tough road games. Colts 34-20

SEAHAWKS PAN NINERS. The Niners have looked rather scrappy out there against the Falcons and Saints. But these Seahawks are a lot better and at home. Seahawks 27-10

RAIDERS OUTBRAWL BUCCS. This is one HECK of a matchup. Man, is there some battles here. A rematch of SB 37. Gruden against Oakland. Sapp against Tampa. Tim Brown against Oakland. Charlie Garner against Oakland. Pirate flags abound. But, the atmosphere at the Black Hole will be a sight to behold!! Raiders 16-13

COWBOYS OVER REDSKINS. As much as this pains me to say….Washington just can’t beat a divisional opponent. That point was nailed home last week against the Giants. And Dallas has been especially tough. Cowboys 17-13

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iryshpaddy said...

Some of his picks were pretty good...some kinda obvious, meaning anybody would pick it that way...and a few were kinda out in left field, like in foul territory...
One that fits that latter description is the MNF game, Dallas @ Washington...have you been watching Dallas, man?...have you forgotten Joe Gibbs is coaching the 'Skins...and have you forgotten the game is in Washington on a Monday night??

For starters, Bill Parcells is not a miracle most coaches, he will win if given enough talent...Gibbs also fits that mode...but everything else being equal, and both of these teams are rather nondescript for the time being, you have to give the homefield team the's Monday Night!...home teams always win on Monday night if everything else is equal, and both of these teams are equally awful...nuff said!!