Saturday, September 25, 2004

I Hate Those Cowboys!!!!!

Cowboy Week.

The football team I hate more than all of the others combined….the Dallas Cowboys…will be coming into FedEx Field Monday night for a prime-time battle. A very interesting battle.

This year….two of the top coaches in NFL history will face off. Bill Parcells and Joe Gibbs. Both are fairly familiar with each other. Gibbs was with the Skins in the 80s and early 90s….while Parcells was with the Giants. They have 5 Super Bowl rings between them, including 4 in a 6 year period.

Also, you have two of the most charismatic owners in the NFL. The Cowboys have Jerry Jones, who has been very controversial since the minute he bought the Cowboys. On the Redskins side, they have Daniel Snyder. A young billionaire who acts like the Redskins are his real-life Fantasy League team.

Oh, and it is the Cowboys.

It is “America’s Team” against the “team from the nation’s capital”. It is cowboys and Indians. The heartland of Texas against the Beltway. Both are football crazy areas. And, fitting that a Texan sits in the White House.

This will be the 13th meeting between these two teams on Monday Night Football. Not surprising…the teams have split the 12 previous meetings: 6 wins apiece. Overall, however….the Redskins have a pretty poor record against the hated Cowboys. Just a 32-52-2 mark….including a 21-23 record at home. But, the Redskins have won the only two postseason meetings between the two teams.

Also, of late, Dallas has owned this series. Dallas has won 12 of the last 13 games against Washington. The only win coming late in the 2002 season.

But, that recent luck hasn’t just been bad against the Cowboys. The Redskins have lost 18 of their last 22 games against current NFC East teams….including a loss last Sunday to the New York Giants. Ugh.

But….these aren’t all bad memories. I’ll never forget the final game at RFK…when the Skins trounced the Boys. Or the 1983 NFC Championship game….when Washington won and advanced to play Miami in the Super Bowl. The goal line stand. The ‘93 season opener.

And this game should be a good one too. Both teams enter with 1-1 records. Both have solid home victories under their belts….as well as bad road losses. So, this game will go a long way to one of the team’s playoff hopes.

Oh, and some bragging for a while.

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