Tuesday, September 14, 2004

The Good, Bad and Ugly Of Week One



JAGS PULLS VICTORY out of the jaws of defeat. Jacksonville didn’t look good at all Sunday. Leftwich didn’t either. But, when it counted, they moved the ball down the field…and made a ballsy call on the 4th down play [with :04 remaining] of tossing it out there for his WR to get. Great win Jack Del Rio and great win Jags!!!

WHO SAID THIS IS A SLINGERS LEAGUE??? Well, maybe in Minnesota it is. But Priest Holmes, Ahman Green, Jerome Bettis and Shaun Alexander would beg to differ. All had outstanding performances in the opener. And I guess Denver can just plug in anyone to run the ball behind that offensive line. Quentin Griffith went off!

NEW FACES MAKE DIFFERENCE. Jeff Garcia in Cleveland, Terrell Owens in Philly and Clinton Portis in DC made huge impressions in their new digs.

THE COLTS CHOKED with three turnovers in the red zone…topped by James’ fumble at the 1-yard line when they were streaking with momentum. Then, catching a break from the Pats’ defensive laps….Vanderjagt finally misses a FG. Naw, Indy….it isn’t in your head. Just ask Chris Rix how he feels about those Miami Canes.

STEVE SMITH broke his leg. Ugh. And that’s bad for the Panthers, who really need Smith out there to stretch the defense.

COWBOYS DOWN!! Um….and this was the top rated defense of 2003?? Ouch!


THE ENTIRE RAVEN EFFORT was shocking. Not only were there blown defensive assignments….poor offense and a lack of intensity….but Jamal Lewis sniffed up only 57 yards. He gained almost 500 yards on the Browns last year alone!!!! Big ups to Cleveland for coming with a nice effort!!

JAY FIELDER already lost his starting job. Why?? Yeah, he sucked against Tennessee…but is Feely any better?? I mean, Wannestadt has new backs, new line, new receivers…..why does he need a new QB?? What’s the point of the pre-season if you are just going to pull the plug on your man after a game in which the suddenly lost a day to prepare??

BAD DEBUTS. Sometimes it doesn’t go as well. Neon Deion really didn’t do much in B-more. Eddie George is showing why the Titans didn’t want to pay him.

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