Monday, September 13, 2004

Hey, I was 11-4!! Not bad

Last week, I made my predicitions on this journal about how the NFL Week One would pan out.  Let's take a look and see how I did, shall we???


REDSKINS PILLAGE BUCCANEERS. Portis. Portis. Portis. Play action. Coles. If the Skins defense played like it did against the Falcons last week…..they will win. Redskins 24-17

Well, I said they’d win by 7...and they won by 6. Not to mention that the Skins defense played superbly against the Buccs.

PATRIOTS PASTE THE COLTS. I really think that the new rules will hurt the Pats here against the Colts….but, Thursday night in from of the entire nation watching….sure seems like Tom Brady Time!! Pats 24-20

I got close to the 27-24 score….and it was Brady Time!

TITANS TAME DOLPHINS. Well, the Dolphins offense is currently getting high and eating curry in India right now. Tennessee is looking for a running game, too. Titans 17-10

Wow. The actual score was 17-7. Not bad.

VIKINGS RIDE OVER COWBOYS. One of the best match-ups will be Moss against that Cowboys’ secondary. But, who is Dallas’ QB??? Exactly. And their running game hasn’t looked that great either. At least the Vikes have Dante. Vikings 28-17

….and Dante threw one more TD that I predicted the score would be: 35-17.

JETS LAND ON THE BENGALS. Interesting tid-bit I heard [but didn’t research]. Every year the Bengals have made the playoffs….they’ve beaten the Jets. Well, no playoffs in 2004. Jets 27-20

Just add 4 points to each teams total….and you got the final!!

LIONS MAUL BEARS. Detroit has more healthy weapons the Chicago does. Lions 23-14

The final score was 20-16...but it would have been 20-14 if the Lions didn’t take an intentional safety late in the game.

FALCONS PAN PAST NINERS. Barely. Atlanta [read: Vick] has looked lousy in the pre-season. But, the entire Niners looked bad as well. Let’s just hope Barlow has a big game [FFL ALERT]. Falcons 20-16

I was in the vicinity of the 21-19 score.


BRONCOS OVER CHIEFS. Excellent rivalry game for the Sunday night tilt. Priest Holmes against Clinton…..errr….never mind. Gonzalez against Shannon Sh……never mind. Why not!!! Broncos 26-21

I had no concrete evidence to why Denver would win…except that they usually play the Chiefs well.

EAGLES TACKLE GIANTS. Let’s see… angry Philly team. A division rival. A weak, division rival. A QB that’s suddenly mistake prone. Home game. Possible message sender. Eagles 30-3

The final was 31-17, as the Eagles did struggle to stop Tiki

STEELERS NAIL RAIDERS. Whichever QB wins, keeps his job for another week. It will be Maddox…because of Staley. Steelers 16-7

Well, the offenses played a LOT better than I anticipated.

RAMS BUCK CARDINALS. No need to explain. Rams 34-13

Well, the Rams offense didn’t look as good as I thought it should. But they did get the win, 17-10.


SAINTS SHOOT DOWN SEAHAWKS. Brooks and McAllister will be ready to go….but can the Saints D-fense hang with the Hawks’ wide-outs?? I say, YES!! Saints 23-20

Heck, they couldn’t hang with Alexander.

BILLS BATTER THE JAGS. Leftwich has an ouchie on his finger….and the Bills could be one of the NFL’s pleasant surprises this year. Henry and MaGhee runs all over the Jags. Remember, at this point last year Buffalo whipped the Patriots. Bills 30-13

Well, I did say that the Jaguars would score 13 points…….but the Bills scored 1/3 of what I thought they’d get.

RAVENS ERASE BROWNS. If you saw any Browns pre-season games….you saw Garcia running around for his life. Now, this is the regular season……against BALTIMORE!!! Gar-SEE-YA!!! Ravens 31-10

Horrible pick.

TEXANS STOP CHARGERS. The “worst game of the week”. So Don Criqui must be there. If Houston can hold LT under 400 yards…they’ll win. Texans 21-14


So….with the Monday game remaining….I did finish with a very respectable 11-4 record…with six games I was pretty close on the scoring figures [though none that I picked perfectly].

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