Friday, September 3, 2004

Kobe Bryant Beats "People Of Colorado" on Buzzer Beater

So, I guess, Kobe Bryant is now a free man.

Well, everyone could see this coming….as the prosecution’s case grew weaker and weaker as it got closer to trial. They were losing motions in pre-trial hearings…..and it became obvious that there was no way they could prove anything “beyond a reasonable doubt”. They dropped the case….so, in essence, Kobe is a free man.

Like I said, if this was at all a total shock to you…..where have you been? Yeah, there was a good shot it would have went to trial, but the speculation was that they couldn’t win. Even before the motions were going against them. All they had was what Kobe already admitted to…..the interaction between Kobe and The Girl. Other than that…is was (a) hard to prove that interaction was rape and (b) hard to prove that it was Kobe, and not another man she had been with recently before or after that, that committed the rape.

The frustrating thing about all of this is….if she wasn’t willing to testify and the entire case was built around it….then WHY did it take until now to drop the charges? Did she promise them to testify? Did they blindly figure that she’d eventually break down and testify even though she wasn’t sure she would?? In a “he-said/she-said” type of case….its hard to win when the “she-said” won’t talk. What is that?? Don’t go to the police….don’t lead all of this on….unless you are willing to do what it takes to get your justice.

So, basically, this was all one big waste of everyone’s time. The court wasted time dealing with all of this. As did the lawyers [who did get paid, though]. The taxpayers threw their money out of the window on this. So did the media….which every news and sports outlet had somebody embedded in Eagle, Co right now. The people of Colorado….who, technically, were the plaintiffs. The Kobe-to-Eagle-then-back-to-LA-for-a-game drama. The Lakers organization. The Girl’s family. Kids, who idolized Kobe, had to hear certain words that they didn’t yet understand.

Oh, but there will be a civil case!! So I guess those people will move onto that. That is, unless Kobe decides to “make it go away” with a fat check. Judging by this recent development….it seems that’s all the “victim” is after anyway. Money. She can’t testify to send him to jail….but she can if she can make a few bucks from it. Class.

Kobe Bryant is “guilty” of adultery. But, that’s between him and his wife. If they resolve that and she forgives….then who are we to keep on about it?? He is “guilty” of being stupid. Maybe his wife is guilty of being stupid. But, that’s their thing. And, I am sure, that Kobe will send a few bucks out to The Girl and she will be set for a while….at least when she figures out where she’ll need to move to.

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