Sunday, September 5, 2004


In sports, we are seeing teams like the Marlins, Patriots and Pistons winning titles....while the Yankees, Redskins and Lakers are not.

The New York Yankees HAVE gone against everything they stood for when they won their World Series rings. The Yankees used to have guys like Brosius, Justice, Cone, Martinez, Girardi and, of course, O'Neill that weren't necessarily superstars....but were excellent role guys that did their jobs at a high level. Cone, Justice and O'Neill actually won something before they became Yankees....not 'come to the NY to win with these guys'. It doesn’t always work.

Now, the team is a collection of multi-millionaires who were the man where they used to be. Giambi, Sheffield, Brown, Rodriguez and Matsui. And for all that they threw at the lineup....their pitching staff is a little thin. The odd thing is that these guys have won other places….but Sheff and Brown won as teammates with the talent loaded Marlins…and A-Rod was the 3rd prong of the Mariners…just behind Junior and Randy Johnson.

As you know, I am a Lakers fan....and I know all to well that you cannot just add big names to a championship caliber team and expect instant titles. You need role guys to do the dirty work. Take the extra base. Sacrifice bunt...or heck, just hit the ball toward the hole. Hustle down the line. Set a pick…go after the loose ball. Be the decoy.

I am also a Redskin fan. Over the past few years…we’ve added names like Jeremiah Trotter, Jesse Armstead, Bruce Smith, Jeff George and Deion Sanders as free agents…and hired Marty Shottenheimer and Steve Spurrier as head coaches. None of that worked out. What has?? Well, the draft, actually. In that same time frame, we’ve drafted Champ Bailey, Jon Jansen, Chris Samuels, LaVarr Arrington, Fred Smoot and Patrick Ramsey. The future [and present] of the franchise. THOSE are the guys that will bring the Redskins back to the top…including Clinton Portis, who is 22 and who we traded Bailey for.

All in all, as we’ve seen with the US Olympic Hoops team….you just can throw a bunch of superstars out there….roll them a ball…and say “WIN!” You gotta have a guy willing to throw a block, take a charge or break up a double play to win a title.

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