Thursday, September 23, 2004

Sportz Takes 9.23.4

Here are just some random takes on things that I didn’t feel warranted an entire entry.


*Johan Santana should win the AL Cy Young.  He’s having a better pitching year than Schilling, hands down.  Yeah, Schill has more wins….but neither pitcher can control the amount of runs his own team scores.  All they can do is hold down the opposing team….which Santana has done better.


*Shawn Green should celebrate his holiday and everyone needs to respect that.  It really isn’t a big deal.  In a country founded on freedom of religion….it is funny how we only seem to respect the Christian faith.  If it was Christmas or Easter….would you persecute a deeply religious athlete for spending the holiday with his family?  Teams have Bible study groups.  Teams have a prayer before games.  Some teams provide someone to come in with teachings on Sundays for players who cannot go to their churches.  So why chastise Green for honoring his faith?? 


*This whole “Diaper Rash” has gotten out of hand.  Yeah, Vermeil shouldn’t have said it…especially about someone who apparently is over-sensitive.  Larry Johnson needs to let it go too.  I know, we all want to be treated with respect…..but this is football, the NFL and you are Larry Johnson.  I’d have more respect for your opinion on this matter if actually did something in your career thus far.  And if “diapers” get your “panties in a bunch”….then do you cry yourself to sleep during training camp?


*Now…I’m not a NASCAR fan in the least.  I am in favor of this “Chase For The Cup”.  But…the big drawback has already happened…intentional wrecks.  I’ve come to find out that NASCAR is a team/individual sport.  Basically….the team needs to help one individual win.  And that is what is going to happen.  Kinda like hockey.  The scorer is going to try to get ahead of the pack….and his goons are going to do their best to bruise up the competition.  Sounds far-fetched??  Well, one race in to the Chase and already a huge controversy involving an intentional wreck has smitten Robby Gordon. 


*I like golf…somewhat.  But, please….don’t act like I care about the Ryder Cup.  Sure, I always want the USA to win these things….but if we don’t, I’m not going to get bent out of shape.  Especially here.  A bunch of ultra-rich stuck up men battling for my nation’s pride.  Guys who play on golf courses that have armed guards at the gate and wouldn’t spit on me if I were on fire.  Wow.  Thanks.  It is about as relevant to me as, say, the Davis Cup.  Or when we, for some reason, send our Major Leaguers to Japan to play them for a week in November.  I don’t care. 


*A while back, I wrote an entry on my NCAA football ELITE EIGHT…and was torn up by posters for not including Michigan or Ohio State or any Big Ten team.  Well, why should I??  Michigan lost to a not-so-good Notre Dame team….then barely beat San Diego State in Ann Arbor.  Ohio State barely beat Marshall, who the week before was beaten at home by Troy State.  Iowa was completely dismantled at Arizona State [a Pac-10 school who I was told by these posters was overrated].  Wisconsin hasn’t looked good, even in victory.  Indiana followed up a nice win in Oregon by getting mauled by a bad Kentucky team.  Michigan State lost to Rutgers.  Penn State has been blown out.  Purdue has looked good….but we can wait and see on them.  Again, I’m not dumping on the Big Ten.  They are a collection of good teams in there that will beat each other up this year.  And because of that won’t be in my Elite Eight.



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georgecoztanza said...

I can't get over the irony of Dick Vermeil insinuating somebody acts like a baby.