Monday, January 20, 2014

The Sportz Assassin's Take On Richard Sherman's Post-game Rant

Yesterday, Seahawks DB Richard Sherman said this after his big play cemented Seattle's win over the San Francisco 49ers and a berth in the Super Bowl.   Today, people are arguing all over the country about whether it was appropriate or whether it was foul.

Here is how I feel.

I'm fine with it.

Sure, it was a bit hostile.  It was a bit "look at me".  It was a bit of an attack.  It also was a bit funny.  It was a bit expected after that struggle of an NFC championship game.  Dude just made a huge play to send the Seahawks to the Super Bowl.  A play that beat their bitter rival, the Niners, in a classic game.  A play that beat his bitter rival, Michael Crabtree.  Then you drag him off the field right after the game and he receives his NFC Championship hat and you expect one of the NFL's biggest trash talkers to tone it down?

Maybe, as some suggest, it took away from the team's accomplishment.  Maybe.  He did reference "L.O.B." which is the nickname of the Seahawks defense (Legion Of Boom).  Plus it was an instant reaction interview that, for some reason, networks love to get and rarely receive anyone's true emotion.  This time, they got it.  Now you are mad?

Let's just make sure that every player has a copy of tired sports cliches and humble quotes so we can move on with the masquerade that is sideline reporting and just make everyone smile and cheer.  I mean, we all remember what ... um ... whatever Broncos CBS decided to interview after their title win said right?  Right?  No, Richard Sherman is all the talk today and rest assured that ESPN, FOX and all the other television networks and radio stations covering Super Bowl week will be all over any storylines involving Sherman.

He did make himself a star ... in some fashion.

I guess when a guy like Sherman makes his smack talk on live TV right after a win ... it is bad.  But when a coach of one team condemns a player on the opposite team ... it is fine?  That's what Patriots coach Bill Belichick did when he called out Wes Welker's hit on Aqib Talib as a dirty play.  The Sherman-Crabtree beef is one thing.  It's out there and those two faced off head-to-head on the field of play.  Belichick's beef with Welker is going on at least three years now and has that nasty coach vs player take to it.

But Belichick waited until the day after when the only people watching were reporters.  Sherman did his on the tube.  But Sherman is a bad man because we're all talking about it.

Sometimes it is alright to let the bad man be bad.

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