Saturday, January 18, 2014

Sportz' NFL Conference Championship Picks

Who will go to the Super Bowl?  Who?  Who?  Who?

Well, we have two great games ahead of us tomorrow.  There really isn't any good way to break either game down since they are rematches and ... really ... both instances were splits.  The Seahawks and 49ers split their two regular season matchups.  The Broncos and Patriots played just once, but Denver owned the first half of that game in Foxborough and New England owned the second half.

So who am I picking?

SAN FRANCISCO AT SEATTLE:  This one is tough.  Every smart thing in me says that the Seahawks will win.  The game is in Seattle and it is tough to win there, especially if you are the hated Niners and a Super Bowl berth is on the line.  Seattle owned their first matchup with the second game (a Niners win) much closer.  However, I have this feeling in my gut that the Niners will win.  They are the hotter team and they just have a bit of ... I can't believe I'm saying this word ... swagger to them right now.  My money says SEATTLE will win.  My gut says SAN FRANCISCO.  I go with my money on most instances.  Seattle.

NEW ENGLAND AT DENVER:  I just have this feeling that Denver is on a mission to get to the Super Bowl.  A good feeling.  I think the Patriots have had one of their most amazing seasons given the circumstances of their season.  From their Aaron Hernandez mess to all those injuries to a team taped together getting to this point.  I think the Broncos are too tough for the Pats to get in Denver.  Denver.

So I'm saying we get a Denver-Seattle Super Bowl in New York.  

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