Monday, January 20, 2014

NFL May Get Rid Of The Extra Point ... THANK GOD!!!

Roger Goodell has said that the NFL's competition committee may look at abolishing the PAT ... aka the "extra point".  Instead, every touchdown will be worth 7 points ... and you have an option to go for an 8th point.  If you miss out on the 8th point, your TD will revert to 6 points.

I like it.  I like it a lot.  Goodell noted that he believed that only five of about 1,200 extra points missed this year.  Basically, it is a mere formality.  It is the 9-ball that is sitting in front of the pocket.  Or the golf ball sitting on the lip of the hole.  Give it to the guy and let's get on with the game.

In a time where the NFL is concerned with safety, it makes sense to get rid of this play.  It isn't exciting at all.  It is about as automatic as anything in sports (sorry, Tony Romo).  It doesn't even count on the game clock.  So why keep this around?  It sucks.

I'm sure kickers wouldn't mind because it is one less thing to do.  Aside from a chip shot to get used to kicking conditions on the field, it doesn't do much for the kicker.  I'm sure coaches don't mind because it is one less thing that can go wrong.  I'm sure players won't mind because even being on the extra point formation isn't fun.

It is such a joke.  Get rid of it.

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