Thursday, January 9, 2014

Ranking The 16 Possible Super Bowl Matchups

This weekend is the Divisional Round of the NFL Playoffs.  So there are 16 possible Super Bowl matchups we could see.  But which ones would be the best to witness?

1-BRONCOS vs SEAHAWKS:  Obviously these were the best two teams in there respective conferences.  Not just that, but we'd get to see that record setting Peyton Manning-led offense against that top-ranked Seahawks defense.  Plus these are two teams that used to be rivals in the AFC West for over two decades.

2-BRONCOS vs SAINTS:  Manning vs Brees again.  Remember these two met in the Super Bowl a few years back with Peyton (then with the Colts) losing to his hometown Saints.  This would be the one matchup that could really be disappointing if the weather gets bad and would ultimately kill another cold Super Bowl.

3-49ERS vs PATRIOTS:  Along with the Steelers and Cowboys, two of the best Super Bowl organizations.  Harbaugh's brashness would get him a ton of pub over Bill Belichick's boredom.  It would be sweet to see these two organizations on the same field together with a championship on the line.  Kind of like if the 49ers-Steelers or Patriots-Cowboys actually happened.

4-SEAHAWKS vs PATRIOTS:  Pete Carroll was the head coach of the Patriots before Bill Belichick was.  Tom Brady vs that Seattle defense.  Russell Wilson against Belichick.  This could be really exciting!

5-PATRIOTS vs SAINTS:  Brady vs Brees.  Plus Spygate vs Bountygate.  Something I'm sure Roger Goodell would just love.  The only problem is that anyone with Patriot fatigue would rather not see the Pats play a cold weather Super Bowl against the Saints.  Arguably the best coaching matchup we could have in the Super Bowl.

6-BRONCOS vs 49ERS:  This would be awesome.  I'm not saying Kaepernick is the future of Hall Of Fame quarterbacks, but putting together two Super Bowl runs in his first two seasons as a starter is pretty special.  This would be a great Super Bowl to watch.

7-49ERS vs COLTS:  There would be Harbaugh vs Luck ... remember them being at Stanford together ... plus a look at what could be the two QBs taking us into the post Manning-Brady era.

8-BRONCOS vs PANTHERS:  Same thing as the Denver-Seattle matchup.  This great front seven of the Panthers against the Broncos.  Carolina's offense would fit well in the elements if necessary.  Plus we'd see two #1 overall picks starting the Super Bowl at quarterback for the first time ever.  Add in that Broncos head coach John Fox will be taking on his former team, the Panthers, that he led to their only previous Super Bowl.

9-PANTHERS vs PATRIOTS:  One of the best and most talked about games during the regular season.  A rematch of one of the most entertaining Super Bowls a decade ago.

10-SAINTS vs CHARGERS:  Drew Brees facing his old team.  Yeah, remember that Brees played for the Chargers until they drafted Philip Rivers?  Speaking of Rivers, how would this be for a career resurrection?  The only flaw is that these are the two most southern teams left in each conference having to play in a cold Super Bowl.  If it seems like I'm harping on this, it is because I am.

11-COLTS vs SAINTS:  This would be a Super Bowl rematch of a few years ago, though the Manning part is gone.  As is most of the Colts players.  And most of the Colts coaches.

12-SEAHAWKS vs COLTS:  Some good quarterback action, plus the Colts were the one AFC team to beat Seattle this year.

13-PANTHERS vs COLTS:  Again, this would be the first time two quarterbacks selected #1 overall would meet in the Super Bowl ... and these two were selected in back-to-back seasons.  This as your Super Bowl will just put more pressure on coaches and GMs to turn around franchises after these two teams came from the depths of the league to a brink of a title.

14-PANTHERS vs CHARGERS:  Not the biggest of fanbases, so this game would get the least amount of fan love.  This would be between two teams looking for their first Super Bowl title.

15-49ERS vs CHARGERS:  Another Super Bowl rematch, though no one really would care.  It sure would be swell to see two California teams travel to play a game in New York.

16-SEAHAWKS vs CHARGERS:  This could be a blowout.  Plus the two western-most teams left getting to haul in that Pacific fun across the country to NYC.  Not sure the fan bases will do the same.

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