Friday, January 10, 2014

Sportz' NFL Division Round Picks

SAINTS AT SEAHAWKS:  We saw New Orleans go up to the Pacific northwest and get run out of the timbers.  There's nothing to suggest to me that anything will be different.  Seattle 34-10

COLTS AT PATRIOTS:  The funny thing about Indy is that everyone is in love with them yet forgets those games this season where they just looked horrid.  In fact, that first half against KC last week was just plain bad.  Don't get me wrong -- they are good enough to beat the Pats.  But I'm not one to believe it will be Saturday night in Foxborough.  New England 24-21

49ERS AT PANTHERS:  Charlotte is my hometown and I want them to win (I'm a Redskins fan, not a Panthers fan).  But I just don't think Carolina has the weapons on offense like the Niners do.  This should be a great defensive game with big hits and physical play.  In the end, the Niners win.  San Francisco 13-10

CHARGERS AT BRONCOS:  San Diego did beat Denver several weeks back.  It's not happening again.  Not this Broncos team in these playoffs.  Denver 34-13

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