Thursday, January 23, 2014

Again ... Get Rid Of The Pro Bowl

The Pro Bowl just needs to die.  Let it die.

To me, it never was a watchable game.  It is football lite.  Guys who haven't suited up in over a month get together in Hawaii to jog around and pretend that there is a game going on.  It isn't needed.  It isn't wanted.  Unless you're young or you are that veteran that finally made one, you really don't care about going.  Heck, now the representatives from the two Super Bowl teams ... teams that probably had a lot of guys selected to the Pro Bowl ... won't be there at all.

It is so bad now that they have Jerry Rice and Deion Sanders having a fantasy-style draft to field the Pro Bowl teams.  I wonder if Luke Kuechly has an opportunity to hit Cam Newton, would he do it?

It isn't necessary.

To me, two things could happen.  Just bring out the All-Pro team prior to the Super Bowl (or between quarters of it) and give them their moment.  Then have a skills competition or something in Hawaii or Miami or wherever.   Sure, guys won't show up for those things either ... even if money is put out there for it.  Who cares?  It's better than watching that Pro Bowl.

To me.

The Pro Bowl does pretty good, ratings-wise.  People watch it which just goes to show you how much the public wants more football.  I mean, I love the NBA All-Star Game and I usually catch baseball's mid-summer's classic.  But the Pro Bowl is nothing more than some version of SuperStars or something.

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