Wednesday, January 26, 2011

What If the Chicago Bears Had Twitter 25 Years Ago?

I'm not a Twitter guy. I have an account and I throw out a tweet once in a while just to keep it active. I usually forget I have it and I only really use it to gain access to sports tweets.

So I'm not really into all these Twitter wars or controversies or any of that. Conversely, I'm not offended to see athletes running the Twitter and telling their business. Most athletes are 20-somethings ... and anyone under 30 knows nothing more than putting every though on the Internet as if people care.

Stuffy people hate this. "That's not how our sports legends would have acted!" Bullcrap!

Imagine if Twitter had been around for quite a while. Imagine if the 1985 Chicago Bears had access to Twitter. This was a team that recorded a celebratory song about winning the championship before the season even ended. They had a quarterback who used his headband as a sort-of Twitter account by writing jabs on it. Imagine what The Fridge might have said.

Imagine if we had Twitter 100 years ago. What might Babe Ruth say? What about Muhammad Ali? He may have had the greatest Twitter account in history. So could Mike Tyson, who still has some of the oddest quotes an athlete has ever had.

What would Reggie Jackson say? Rickey Henderson? Joe Namath? You don't think Mickey Mantle wouldn't have rattled off some drunken tweets, eh?

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