Monday, January 31, 2011

Sportz Assassin's "45 Stops to Super Bowl XLV"

It's that time of year again!!! Super Bowl week is upon us! That means it is time for my 45 STOPS TO SUPER BOWL XLV.

Every year, I place little tid-bits, factoids, stats and just weird little nuggets of information to help get you through the week as well as gear you up for the big game.

Go thru the link and discover all of it. Find out what my six best Super Bowls were. Find out which five Super Bowls I think sucked! See what the record is for teams who pick off a pass for a TD in the Super Bowl is. See how successful teams who wear white jerseys in the Super Bowl have been.

Realize just how odd last year's Saints victory over the Colts was in Super Bowl lore. Understand just how important losing the coin toss is.

Find out what other channels are showing opposite the Super Bowl. Are you or someone you love a non-football fan? Well, you can just print out this list of clever things to say so that person will feel like they fit in. You can also see how much consumption actually goes on during Super Bowl parties.

I'll even show you how to win a free pizza!

So, please click on the link and enjoy all of the interesting facts surrounding Super Bowl XLV!!

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