Saturday, January 1, 2011

My Sports Wishes For 2011

Goodbye 2010! Hello 2011!

In the Sportz Assassin's sports world, 2010 was a mixed bag. My Lakers repeated as NBA Champions ... which was awesome. My Cincinnati Reds came out of no where and won the NL Central and actually making the postseason for the first time since 1995. However, my UNC Tar Heels fell off the map in basketball with a historically bad season and the football team was marred by an agent scandal. The Redskins dumped the Jim Zorn era for the Mike Shanahan era ... which was nice. However, the same circus that surrounds this team still exists.

And even worse than any of that -- Duke wins the NCAA Tournament.

So, what would make a happy 2011 for me?

Well, a Laker three-peat would be the capper. That would mean Phil Jackson would have 12 NBA titles and four 3-peats. It also would mean the Lakers would tie the Celtics for most NBA titles. The Laker season is boring because all I care about is getting to May and June.

As for my Heels, well, I hope on the basketball side of things they can get a decent seed in the tournament and (dreaming here) they can get out of the first weekend and into the Sweet 16. I want the Heels to finish in the top four of the ACC and (dreaming again) the Heels can nip Duke in one of their games.

As for football ... I want this mess cleaned up!

I hope the Reds can continue on their winning ways. Maybe another NL Central title is too much to ask ... but it is far from impossible. At least stay in the pennant race in September.

And my Redskins. I just wish we mattered again. It isn't hard.

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