Thursday, January 6, 2011

Dolphins Are Wrong For Doing Tony Sparano Like This

I don't want to see anybody lose their job ... but I also don't like to see a guy holding a job while his employer is jet-setting across the country to land his replacement.

That's what the Miami Dolphins are doing with Tony Sparano. All Sparano has done is take a laughingstock team and made them decent. He doesn't deserve this. He doesn't deserve his bosses flying out to Palo Alto to try to woo Jim Harbaugh.

Nothing against Harbaugh and nothing against the Dolphins if they want to work together. Miami has every right to hire whatver coach they want. But don't piss on the man that you haven't even fired yet! I mean the fact that Sparano hasn't been fired yet is because they're okay with him if they can't find anything better.

So you've undermined your coach. That will work well if the Phins stick with Sparano. It also works well that the Dolphins franchise can stab their head coach in the back.

Do everyone a favor and be up front with Tony. Ya know, the guy who made your team cool with that wacky Wildcat offense. What Miami is doing is looking for a new, hot wife when he's already married. If he can't find a hot woman to marry him, well they kinda like what they have at home.

If this was in the stretch run of the season, I'm cool with it. My Redskins did the same thing a year ago. In Jim Zorn's last 5 games, the Skins were talking with Mike Shanahan. But Zorn knew he was out at the end of the season and the Skins knew that the campaign was over and they may as well let Zorn finish out the year. Zorn then caught on to the Ravens coaching staff.

Sparano is hanging in the wind. While there are coaching changes all over the league, that means that coaching staffs are being assembled. I'm sure Sparano would be sought after.

But he can't. He's busy pulling a knife out of his back.


Richard said...

Absolutely dead on, however a little light in the shorts with real commentary. Here goes: not only is this simply classless, it reveals a lack of character in those involved. It is "unmanly." Look the guy in the eye and have the flippin' "manhood" to say, "Thanks for all you have done. We're going a different direction now." The Dolphins organization and management personnel are simply cowards. And I am a true Dolphin fan. Where in the world has character gone in this world?

mpitt59041 said...

I agree completely! How can he leave him hanging like this. Just no professionalism at all. He is also limiting Tony's ability to get another job, those openings are being filled as we speak! I personally, don't like anything that Stephen Ross has done. My family has been getting season tix to the dolphins games since season ONE! All this FINS UP crap, the jimmy buffet song when we score, just rediculous. Get back to good football, and stop worrying about what famous people are at the game, then you will get people in the door. I don't know if I will be going to anymore games, just not fun anymore.

Good luck Tony, we love you!!!

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