Sunday, January 2, 2011

2011 NFL Playoff Matchups I'd Love to See

We still don't know who will win the AFC South or NFC West. As I type this, the Buccaneers, Packers and Giants are all still alive for the final NFC Wildcard spot. Still, I am salivating over some of the possible playoff matchups we could enjoy.

We do know that this about the AFC: 1-Patriots, 2-Steelers, 3-Chiefs/Colts, 4-Jaguars/Colts/Chiefs, 5-Ravens and 6-Jets. In the NFC, it is: 1-Falcons, 2-Bears, 3-Eagles, 4-Rams/Seahawks, 5-Saints, 6-Bucs/Packers/Giants.

So what matchups ... aside from possible Super Bowl ones ... are we looking forward to?

10-Chiefs at Patriots: This starts a trend of Patriot Games. But this one is interesting because Kansas City will bring former Pats Matt Cassell, Romeo Crennell and Charlie Weis (among others) up to New England to face their old coach.

9-Packers at Eagles: A lot of people picked big things for the Packers this year and many of them are still holding on to that. An Aaron Rodgers-Michael Vick matchup would quite a site.

8-Eagles at Bears: Michael Vick against that speedy Chicago defense. Plus two of the best return men in the game -- Devin Hester and Desean Jackson -- will mean that you will have to wait for your bathroom breaks.

7-Colts at Patriots: We've seen this countless times and usually when the two meet, the games are close. Injuries to Indy pushes this game down several pegs.

6-Giants at Eagles: If New York gets in, don't you think we'd want to see them try to exact revenge for the meltdown in the Meadowlands a few weeks ago? The last time the G-men were a wildcard team they went on to win the Super Bowl.

5-Saints at Falcons: The defending Super Bowl champs against the NFC team with the best record. Remember that New Orleans was the only team to beat the Falcons in Atlanta this season.

4-Ravens at Patriots: If there is anyone who is not scared to go to New England to play in the postseason, it is Baltimore. They blew out the Pats there last postseason and nearly beat them there earlier this year.

3-Steelers at Patriots: The two best teams of the last decade combined for 5 Super Bowl victories in 6 appearances. These are the only two active quarterbacks with multiple Super Bowl rings. Would be a great game with a Super Bowl on the line.

2-Jets at Patriots: Oh, man. Do I even need to set this one up?

1-Eagles at Falcons: This would have to be for the NFC Championship ... and that would be outstanding. Imagine Michael Vick coming back to Atlanta with a Super Bowl berth on the line! That story alone makes this a great game. Add in the offensive firepower both teams possess and the fact that many feel that these are the two best teams in the conference and a matchup between the two would be fitting.

As for possible Super Bowl matchups, here are my top six:

1-Eagles vs Patriots
2-Falcons vs Patriots
3-Eagles vs Steelers
4-Saints vs Steelers
5-Saints vs Jets
6-Giants vs Colts

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c note said...

All the matchups you listed are tantalizing. I can't wait to see how everything shakes out