Saturday, January 1, 2011

The Sportz Assassin College Football Playoff

So, here has been my playoff proposal for years now: Have all six BCS champions in the playoffs, have the top ranked non-AQ school in and then five at large bids. The seedings would be according to the final BCS standings (which means the top 5 non-champions make it in). The only concession on the seeding is due to keeping two conference teams from playing each other until, at least, the Semifinal round. Easy, eh?

1-Auburn (SEC Champ)
2-Oregon (Pac 10 Champ)
3-TCU (top non-AQ team)

12-UConn (Big East Champ) at 5-Wisconsin (Big Ten Champ)
11-Virginia Tech (ACC Champ) at 6-Ohio State
10-Boise State at 7-Oklahoma (Big XII Champ)
9-Michigan State at 8-Arkansas

Here would be your TV schedule.

December 18th
12pm: UConn at Wisconsin
3pm: Michigan State at Arkansas
6pm: Virginia Tech at Ohio State
9pm: Boise State at Oklahoma

December 25th
12pm: Mich State/Oklahoma/Boise State at Auburn*
3pm: Oklahoma/Boise State/Arkansas at Oregon*
6pm: Ohio State/Virginia Tech at TCU
9pm: Wisconsin/UConn at Stanford

*If Arkansas beats Mich State, they would play Oregon instead of SEC-rival Auburn. That would mean the Oklahoma/Boise State winner would play Auburn.

January 1st
3pm: Semifinals
8pm: Semifinals

January 10th
8pm: Championship game

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